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Potholes - Lets start a list and see if the Council reacts.

Martin O in Ipswich Town Centre
I ride a motorbike and therefore I am much more conscious of the surface of the roads than most motorists. Many of the roads that I use on a daily basis have been damaged for months and with the water and cold weather now due to set in existing cracks and holes will only get worse.
I empathise with all you cyclists who have had to put up with crumbling edges as well as the motorised traffic for ages but I wanted to concentrate on all those ruts and holes that could cause me to lose control and have an accident. Motorcyclists are encouraged to ride in the middle of their side of the carriageway. So my holes all appear in the middle of the road.
If enough people complain publicly about these bad road conditions then the Council may have to react or run the risk of being sued for not taking the appropriate action.

Here are a couple of examples to start with.

1. Spring Road mini roundabout near Lattice Barn going into town centre. Long rut. Motorcyclists have just shifted weight to turn into Spring Road and then need to straighten up and at this very spot there is a rut. Get your wheel in that as you adjust and its not pleasant. If you are following traffic you have little time to spot the hole and adjust.
2. Around the docks. College Street heading towards Post Office between the roundabouts. and then again as you exit the roundabout going along Grafton Way. Left hand turn needing to manoeuvre across two lanes to turn right - large rut where the two lanes meet. Drop your wheel in here and you get a nasty wobble. Then as you leave the roundabout there is a large hole - you are likely to hit this while leaning into the corner. Another accident waiting to happen.

If I find similar support from others I will continue to add those nasty little holes, dips, ruts etc.

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