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Fabulous news, at last!

Walking past the old Grid Inn in Southfields the other day, I noticed the Tesco shopfitters working hard to convert the premises into a shiny new supermarket to cater to all the hard-pressed mothers in Southfields.


Can't wait for it to open - see you ALL there, and watch our house prices go up - it's a win-win for us all!!


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Margaret B

We are told that they hope to open in time for the Olympics. Tesco have been invited to the next meeting of the Grid Residents' Association (Tuesday 27 March 8pm St Barnabas Church) but haven't confirmed this yet.


I am ignorant of the area so I assume that it is not well provided with shops, yet I find myself feeling quite mystified that anyone could be celebrating the arrival of yet another Tesco. If you were talking about an independent I could understand the enthusiasm.

Cure By Nature inactive

Tesco and Sainsbury have been discussed Ad Nauseam on various  threads, what I find surprising is that it is probably the same people who where against the pub a few years ago who are now defending it and opposing Tesco,  for me what really annoy me is that we are now going to lose our post office next year, this will have a huge impact on Southfields, and no one from the "down with tesco" our "down with sainsbury" crowd is voicing any opposition to the loss of the post office.

Whereever it is "fabulous news" or not about Teco, I don't really give a toss, let's get our priorities right, when the post office is gone, it will be to late to moan

I'm with Cure By Nature
Brian P

Reference the loss of your Post Office ....... You have I understand a residents association have you approached Tesco to be involved in your campaign to either support your request or or even subsidize it may help if you get their support they obviously have sufficient influence with the local authorities as a change of use would have been applied with regard to their application..... nothing lost in trying for this avenue of approach........ good luck and lots of support for your case wish you well........!!

Laura J

I know that in Belsize Park, when the local post office was closed down, a strong local campaign and a sympathetic local supermarket has resulted in a Post Office being established within the supermarket itself - and it is open till eleven o'clock at night! There is also a post office within the Coop near my daughter's. Worth looking into?

Brian P

Thank you Laura J  Yes I do hope the campaign is a success especially for the elderly who are usually affected most by these unwanton changes to their routine ie for pension days and with respect their savings etc it can cause some distress apart from that it can be very inconvenient for most the local residents generally....... I do hope its a well supported by everyone ......... Please support their campaign   !!!

Brian P

COME ON SOUTHFIELDS   "LETS CAMPAIGN SAVE YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE"  ITS IMPORTANT open all the steam valves put the pressure on.......!!


Hard pressed mums .... !! The parking will be chaotic.

Brian P

Sorry but I know a few Mums who drive just a few hundreds yards to the shops rather than walk it puts a lot of stress on your car plus the cost of fuel I am surprised they do not realise the wastage thats involved. It is also an inconvenience when at schools etc parking is a problem they could walk there quicker. ......!!


If I choose to spend my money on fuel for my car, and the wear and tear on my car, by driving to the supermarket, that's my business. Yes, I do sometimes use the car for short trips, especially if buying heavy/bulky shopping.


I am noticing a great divide on this country. I have three children and find it easier to shop on line ... It saves time ... Petrol ... Parking problems etc. I am happy ... The children are happier and we are all less frazzled. Mrs Amandas post consists of I .. My .. Me. I think I will continue shopping on line or Waitrose !!

The suns out ... What a glorious day !


I'm glad you're happy. Your post is all about you, too, in the same way mine was. You do what works for you and your family, as do I.

mungomuffit inactive

I also sometimes drive the short distance to the shops when I have to buy in bulk, or kill a few birds with one stone (for instance, supermarket + school run + post office), so I'm in agreement with Mrs Amanda. Also, I prefer to select the fruit and veg myself and with as little packaging as possible, so online doesn't work for me. Aint that the beauty of life - we have a choice!


True Mrs A ... I must alter my ways.


Yes I am glad Tesco will be opening soon, we all need to eat and have a choice of  where we shop.  I also definitely need the Post Office too, I would not be without it and support any campaign to keep it. 

Brian P

Mungomuffit....... Nice try ....very close ....!!

Brian P

Hi Suzy,  campaign through your local residents association to keep your local post office see comment via Laura J. It worked there so it could work for you........ wish you well in every action you decide to take ........ an action committee through local ballot signatory could help .....!!

Ingrid S

I'd rather have kept the pub, we already had enough convenience stores...

caroline w

Why do different people have the same image/avatar (eg Margaret B/Tourgis and Brian P/Ingrid S)?


....and today, I noticed a new Sainsbury facing the Post Office. Even more chaos ...!

Matthew B

Hi Caroline,

Whenever a user signs up they get randomly assigned a default image from a choice of 5.  Unless they upload one of their own then they'll keep the one they were given, so there are lots which are the same.


Sarah R

'Victory for villagers in battle against Tesco' see Saturday March 24 Daily Telegraph...

'A village has claimed victory over Tesco...  Residents of Herne Kent, waged a five-month battle against plans to convert the Upper Red Lion pub into a Tesco Express, saying it would destroy the rural feel of the community and leave the village store and post office facing financial ruin.  The Rev. Elaine Richardson, of St. Martin's Church said: "There's a blatant arrogance about setting up next door to a family business."  A Tesco spokesman confirmed the shop would not be built, because of "highway constraints".

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