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The Christmas EatMeUp Festival

This is a street food festival with thirty traders in the red market at the old street end of Rivington street. We have pop up shops, a bar from London fields and live music. All free to attend. A great number of traders are taking part. This is a one off to launch an iPhone app called HitMeUp which lets people find live promotions nearby. People can use it at the market to discover ways to win free food.

As a one off, we don't have great marketing channels, so I am keen to promote to the locality, please spread the word, write about it and pop down for lunch!

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The red market, 1-3 Rivington street, Shoreditch

Dec 06


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Thanks for this Tom. I've tweeted your post and I'll also pop down to take some photos for my blog.
Tom C
Fantastic. If you come on Friday and use one of the cannon cameras in the market, best picture wjins a flight to Japan!
Hi Tom C

Is there a link to the festival anywhere Tom.
It sounds great and i'll like to send the information on to a few people and help
advertise/promote it on various groups i run.
Tom C
Thanks LG, that would be fantastic. There is a link:

This is my homemade preview video as well, so your friends can work out if they want to do any silly things for free food!
Hi Tom C

It;s okay i've found a link now
Thanks for all the information Tom.
I'll pass it on to my friends.

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