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Cathedral peregrines

Hi all, snippet of news for any of you bird watchers, the peregrine laid her first egg this afternoon at 4.22pm , the hawk and owl trust will be in the cathedral at their watchpoint just by the refectory car park from next tuesday (26th) daily right through till the end of July with telescopes and plenty of info to share, there will be plenty of volunteers to answer any questions you may have.  All welcome. Last year there were 22,000 logged visitors to the watchpoint and this year we expect many more.


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Bibi L
Sally F, thanks for the information. Sounds exciting! We went last year and saw them close up; looking forward to more action this year!
Veronica P
I think it's wonderful news and I can't keep away from the webcam!  I do feel sorry for Mrs. P. though sitting there in this rotten weather.
Janet K
Hope this year is a success again for them and this bad weather doesn't do them harm.
Freddie M
I was wondering what had happened to them.
Freda P
Thanks for that. Was hooked last year. Let's hope they all survive this year. Upsetting watching the little one getting weaker and finally losing its fight for life.
Mr S
I'm already hooked this year.
Looks blummin cold on that nest though. Bless.
Margo S
We keep an eye on them through the year (walk that way to get to Morrisons also on a Sunday to catch the train to bird watch at Cantly)
Had some very good views of them flying as we take a pair of binoculars (as you do!) when we go that way.
So glad that the web cam is up and running again, saw her yesterday sitting on the egg with the wind blowing at umpteen miles an hour.....head was well tucked down.
Rebecca C
i can't believe its that time again, where do the months go to.
I'm really hoping that the cold weather doesn't harm them, its great to be able to follow their progress.
Di B
Glad to see they are back,  I hope the cold weather doesn't affect them too much.  Really enjoyed watching them last year on the webcam!
Sally F
They are  much sturdier than we imagine, their offspring survival is 2nd to none, still one egg at the moment,  she is incubating it for periods but normally full incubation wont take place until shes got 3+ eggs, natures way of making sure the first hatched doesnt have too much of a start on the subsequent eggs hatched.  Very windy up there today,  a white-out on the camera, not sure what the problem is yet but will be up and running asap.  We anxiously await egg No 2 ;o)
Sally F
For those interested here she is hovering over her "just laid" egg - 4.22pm 21st March 2013

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