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Choir in Thorpe St Andrew

Hi, does anyone know of any choirs in Thorpe St Andrew that want new members ?


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Steph A
How about the Parish Church on Yarmouth Road?
I'm with The Training Spa
Susan H
Thanks Steph i will look into it.
Sue S
My grandchildren go to that church and Father Barry is a lovely man - good luck.
Jean M
There is the Rock Choir that meets at Thorpe High School. You can find all the info on their website. I did give it a try and it seems really enjoyable. On a personal level, it wasn't for me.......I wanted something more formal but like you, I have found it hard to find a choir that was recruiting. Let me know if you have any luck and I'll join you!
Susan H
Hello Jean, i haven't sung in a choir since my school days but would really like to join one, i would love you to join me if i hear anything i will get back to you, have you got much experience of singing in a choir ?
Avril W
Hi, there are two choirs that I know of but don't meet in Thorpe unfortunately; Norwich Community choir - Jessop Road on a Monday night, Global Harmony who are re launching on a Thursday night and will be meeting 7-9pm at St Stephens church (near M&S).  You could also try finding out about Hearts Aloud and the SYHO (Sing your Heart out) choirs; not sure of their details...Google!!

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