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Pensioner living in a pit

hiya, i've got a neighbour who must be in her 70's.. After washing her windows i was invited inside where I saw the state she is living in.. :( She has lived there for 44 years and the landlord has not spent a penny on his investment. No central heating what so ever, top bedroom windows not sealed properly, moved whilst cleaning :( All she has for heating is a fire place ion the lounge..  I'm sorry but i dont think that is right and surely there are laws against this..


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Nick M
I'm afraid not - unless either you've got a LOT of money or you live in an area where the council CARES abut the people who live in its area (vide Plymouth), and you won't find that in East Devon!  :-(
You could ask your neighbour if she would like to see someone who might be able to advocate on her behalf? You could contact Age Concern in Exmouth? Landlords should be accountable for their tenants health & safety in their properties.
Charlie (chimpo)
Nick sadly i dont have the money frontier covered yet, ha ha,  but i still cant believe that nothing can be done and shall need to delve deeper..  surely just Health & Safety would love to see that hole...but thanks a lot for the imput ...
Charlie (chimpo)
thanks Clare, that sounds like a plan, was going to pop into Council offices or CAB.. but yeah that sounds fruitfull.. ta
Jean H
Something can be done!  First you need to contact the police on  non-urgent call to police on 0845 2777444 They should contact Social Services (or you can) on 01392 382331.  Thank you for caring about someone who needs help.  Good luck .  Let us all know the outcome please.
Charlie, does she have any family living in Exmouth?
Please let us know as if Social Services can't act before Christmas, perhaps a few of us could help her out and do something to improve her sad state.
Ann C
does a private landlord own the property if so maybe you could ring him up on ur neighbours behalf
Nick M
That may prove to be unhelpful for the tenant.  If the landlord thinks that the tenant is complaining, or getting someone to cause a fuss, he may well start to become unpleasant or even threatening to the tenant.  It would be a lot safer and probably more productive to report it to the authorities.
Pam W
There is help but you have to ask for it .Age concern is a good place to start.Has the lady agreed to being helped as some can be affended.I also do not think the landlord a good place to start.Good luck it is nice to know some one cares.
Tom J
She should contact the CAB (Mon-Fri 10-12.30 and 1.30-4.00) to find out what benefits she is entitled and to see if her landlord is meeting the standards required for accommodation used for human habitation.   If in doubt Environmental Health will visit the property to check.
Charlie (chimpo)
Hiya all, thanks for the replies and information.. i will be popping into Cab in the morning to see what i can do.. I do know that she feels some works could be done on the property too make it more livable, yet i dont think she feels the need for a total revamp, she is one hard and weathered lady that had made it thus far.. total respect to her as i see and know of youngsters moaning more than her.. Oh well i'll keep ya all posted..
Hi Charlie (chimpo)
I have twice tried to leave a comment, using my mobile, but for some reason it has not posted! (I am now in the Internet Café!)
If you haven't got this information yet - try CareDirect.  They used to be based at the Town Hall, but their Reception closed down, so you have to phone them only.  I haven't got their number on me, but you can google them and it will come up.
They deal with this sort of situation.
Nick M
How did the lady get on?  Have there been any improvements yet?
Wendy R
We should really form some kind of group I read a lot and have thought of starting up a group where we exchange books That way maybe we could help out if we come across someone who needs help in other ways (comments pls) I drive and could collect books but I am also not to mobile anyone who thinks this is a good plan let me know. The charity shops charge such a lot now for their books and this could be a way of getting to know not only your neighbours but many other lonely people ?

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