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Hello everybody, just let you know I've updated Castle Hill Community Centre website with our current and new activity groups.
Please feel free to have a look on:
Thank you.


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Just had a look. Who would I talk to re: hiring office space and do you do short term contracts, say one month rolling contracts.
Castle Hill Community Centre
Hello Mercutio, thanks for your interest in hiring an office space and please give us a call on 01473 747 053 to discuss the different options.
Cheers for the number. I'm planning to pop in tomorrow for a bacon butty or two so plan to have a chat with someone then.
Castle Hill Community Centre
I would be there to welcome you and we can sit down and have a chat about your requirements.
I "would" be there to welcome you...

I was expecting the next part to say "but I'm washing my hair" or "but I can't bothered". :)
Castle Hill Community Centre
In the meantime, please feel free to look at our website for further information about the facilities of CHCC.

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