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Hi there everyone in sunny Bilborough, I joined this morning after seeing the site on the BBC news programme. I must say I'm a little disappointed at the lack of interest in the idea but perhaps it will grow as time goes on. My reason for joining is that as the news article suggests there is a serious lack of community spirit in the area these days compared to the days when I was a young man. I am approaching 65 and retirement but I am still young at heart and would love to see the community pull together like they did in the 50's & 60's when Bilborough was a nice place to live. The estate has not changed it is the people that have changed and their idea's of living in a community. I remember as a boy the street party we had for the Queens Coronation in 1953 when everybody pulled together to make it a great day. I remember too the communal bonfire parties when every family brought along a few fireworks and there were hot dogs, mushy peas, jacket spuds and bonfire toffee all provided for by our mums. The local pubs used to sponsor Christmas parties for the kids and there were coach trips to the coast. Where has all this community spirit gone?, it has gone nowhere it is still there in us all we just need to use it.


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Andrea S

Snap - i saw the feature and like you am dissappointed in the actual local membership.

your memories sound lovely - maybe you could look at encouraging a street party to celebrate the Diamond jubilee - seems an ideal opportunity?

Margaret B

I lived in Bilborough until 1968, my mum  until she died in 2010, I remember all what you've written Ray. We lived in a Close with a big centre of grass, where everything was held. I played there as a child, my childen played there and finally my grandchildren, sadly we can only pass by now my mum is no longer there. We went on the coach trips, christmas parties, and the bonfire parties at the Grange and Raleigh Sports Club, so did my kids, we took my grandchildren to the Grange about 5 years ago it was great.

Ray B

Hi Margaret & Andrea, Unfortunately the Grange no longer exists it was demolished to make way for a new doctors surgery. I have fond memories of the Grange as it was the place where I went to the Scouts and later the youth club. In the 1950s they used to show films for the kids on a Saturday morning and my Mum used to play bingo there. I too remember the bonfire parties they had and I lost count of the Birthday parties and Wedding celebrations we went to.

Andrea I will not be in Nottingham when the Jubilee celebrations take place but I hope that someone takes up your suggestion about a street party but time is running out. These things take a lot of organising and it is not that far away, first thing to consider is finding a street that is suitable for a street party then an application has to be made to the council for permission to close off the street. Then there is the matter of a licence for the consumption of alcohol if drink is required, this can sometimes be arranged via a local pub.

There is a website with info about organising a street party but I can't remember what it is called but a google search should locate it. If I get chance I will try and find it and post the details up.

Has anyone been to the new community centre on Birchover Park yet?, there seems to be a lack of information about what goes on in there and I would be interested to know what facilities there are there.

This place might be the ideal venue for an organised Jubilee celebration and if the weather is fair there could be activities on the feild.


Hello, there's definitely still time to plan a street party, and this guide should help!

Margaret B

Hi Ray,  I'm sorry about the Grange, I didn't know, one thing my mum didn't tell me nobody did. My best school friend lives on Tremayne and my mum was at the bottom of Bosden  in Thaxted Close off Bramerton.  We moved there in 1950.  I bet we knew each other. I too went to both Portland Schools and William Sharp, and I went to the youth club etc  I haven't moved very far only to Strelley, I moved here in 1967 when I married.  We held my daughters wedding reception at the Grange. .

Ray B

What was your maiden name Barbara?, if you were there in 1950 you must be about the same age as me. I only knew the Steer family and I went to school with Richard, we back on to Thaxted Close and the Wards live over the back hedge.

Margaret B

My name is Margaret maiden name Johnson, I have a brother Les. We lived at No.2 next door now is Lamberts @ No.1 and my friend Ann Loach as was her son Simon now lives @ No.3. Dot Loach her mother still lives @ No.4 and  was a good friend of my mums, The Steers lived @ No.5. Richard and Janice used to be friends of  mine and Les's. If you went to school with Richard, you must know at least our Les, everyone knew him, Both of us are back in touch with Dennis Gooding, Vannessa Dunn, Gary Scotney who lived on Birchover near the bus terminus that was. We've never lost touch with Glenys Oliver and of course Ann Loach. Glenys still lives in the Close, Ann top of Bosden on Tremayne.


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