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Raybo in Bilborough

Hi there everyone in sunny Bilborough, I joined this morning after seeing the site on the BBC news programme. I must say I'm a little disappointed at the lack of interest in the idea but perhaps it will grow as time goes on. My reason for joining is that as the news article suggests there is a serious lack of community spirit in the area these days compared to the days when I was a young man. I am approaching 65 and retirement but I am still young at heart and would love to see the community pull together like they did in the 50's & 60's when Bilborough was a nice place to live. The estate has not changed it is the people that have changed and their idea's of living in a community. I remember as a boy the street party we had for the Queens Coronation in 1953 when everybody pulled together to make it a great day. I remember too the communal bonfire parties when every family brought along a few fireworks and there were hot dogs, mushy peas, jacket spuds and bonfire toffee all provided for by our mums. The local pubs used to sponsor Christmas parties for the kids and there were coach trips to the coast. Where has all this community spirit gone?, it has gone nowhere it is still there in us all we just need to use it.


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