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King Georges Hospital

If any one is worried about the proposed closure of the A & E department at K G H, Neil Zammett, member of the Save K G H Group will be giving a talk at Barkingside 21 that meets in the Hainault Room at Fulwell Cross Library on Tuesday 26th February starting at 09.45 am. Free tea and biscuits included,


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Shame I can't make it that day..I would give my support as I have done in the past. We cannot afford to be without A&E at KGH. Queens can't cope now - and I don't believe it ever will be able to. Good luck in your endeavours.
Doug B inactive
I've just been reading an article, in The Ilford Recorder, about the A&E Dept at King Georges being closed. A Dr Anil Mehta has suggested that we take time to consider where to go for our treatment (A chemist, walk in centre, GP, self care, A&E etc). I think this is a stupid idea as by the time you have worked out where to go your situation could be worse. You might not have time to travel, by bus or train, to the various treatment centres therefore it would be best to have everything in one place at KGH and I'm sure it would be cheaper to have all services under one roof. As a recent patient at Queens Hosp (Romford) I thought that they were unable to cope with what they already had, especially at night, and I was their for 6 weeks. If everyone goes to Queens, after the A&E at KGH is closed, it would put more pressure on all the doctors and nurses etc. Like others, me and my family want the A&E Dept at KGH to stay.

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