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beccles surgery

Anyone having trouble getting appointments at Beccles surgery?


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Sylvia M
Yes asked for an appointment for my Doctor would have had to wait 2 weeks so had to make an appointment with another, I would'nt mind but I try not to go often I havent been since before my Doctor retired that must have been about 6 years ago so I dont bother them for nothing
June W
they are getting busy never seem to be enough doctors! always have to wait if you give the impression it is not urgent but if you kick up a little fuss you get one quicker but usually with a different doctor but if it is really urgent then they do have the same day team so it is pros and cons really when you think of the area they serve as far as brampton stockton and toft monks it is a great area and beccles is expanding all the time so really no wonder how they fit it all in we are lucky really we have a minor injuries unit and some clinics at our local hospital.
I think they say 2 week because you get better your self or your  died  save time and money,
Martin H
They denied us a surgery at Worlingham Pharmacy complex (the old motel opposite the rectory). Said it wasn't needed. This despite Beccles and Worlingham growing all the time. How wrong they were!
Have any of you tried booking online? We logged on last Wednesday & were offered an appointment for Friday or Monday with our named Dr.  As it was non-urgent the Monday one was fine. Mind you.... they were running over an hour late......
Sarah E
I think 2 weeks is the standard (and has been for a long time).  As far as I know if you need an earlier appointment you can often get in before this and if it's urgent you can usually see the same day team.  Often the only way to see your own doctor is to wait for the main appointment as not all doctors work every day.  I haven't tried booking online yet.  What's the website address? 
Dave C
Web address is:

You have to register an interest then eventually someone at the surgery will create a user record for you... (3 days and still waiting!)
Anna N
I have used this service many times Sarah

Here is the link,

You will need to register down at the surgery to get a practice password etc.

When you go on to the above site the booking page is via the Patient Access link.

Hope this is helpful. 
Anna N
Oops. sorry Dave we posted almost simultaneously.
Dave C
No problem! at least we got the same address :D
Jenny S
in my experience the "same day team" have always been very helpful to me and partner.  do agree though that, for an on going prob nice to see same GP.  let's hope 2013 is healthy for all you folk.
Ann R
No Problems at all.
Mark A
I walked in at opening time recently to try to get a appointment with my own doctor. Fully booked for days so I asked to see any doctor as I needed diagnosis and medication sooner rather than later. So I asked to see the same day team and was told that all the appointments with the same day team were already booked. Baring in mind it was opening time and I was first in the building how is that possible if it's "same day". I ended up having to return home and wait for the on call doctor to ring me two hours later. Explained the situation, he agreed that I had to be seen immediately and found me an appointment. Not fully booked as I was told then !!

In my experience if you want to see a doctor and you work a long way from Beccles you had better be ready to take a day off to do it. Try to get an early or late one so you can try to do your job and you get offered something a week away if you are lucky. I guess they just need more doctors.

Have had cause to use the out of hours service a couple of times this year for other family members and have been very impressed. Superb service on both occasions.
We are very lucky to have the facilities that we have at Beccles particularly when funding is being pulled everywhere, but yes it can be difficult to get seen, It's probably the same in most towns.
Jim S
always quicher to go to a out of hours doctor, The times I have visited them they always seem to bre pleased to see you and never a long queue. When I tell people at work I cannot get a appointment for at least 3 days, they all think i'm joking.
We need a dr surgery at Worlingham pharmacy, do you agree? How could we campaign for one? Would ther be support for a reasonable campaign attempt?
Martin H
There was a petition about that but the NHS don't give two hoots what the customers think. They said it wasn't necessary, despite the Rigbourne Hill area being almost a town in its own right and the stuff to the east of Worlingham adding to the population count.
Jim S
On the local news tonight they were saying people should see there doctor before going to hospital or ringing 999. if you ring the surgery and have to wait 3 days for an appointment, are you going to wait or go to A&E or ring 999. I wonder....................
June W
called the surgery today for an appointment for my daughter we have been given one for the 19th of april not too long a wait then....
Jenny S
would support petition for Dr at Worlingham but really don't have any experience in starting/delivering one.  I suppose they (staff at pharmacy) would be a good starting point or local MP?
Sarah E
I'm pretty sure they already did a petition at Worlingham a few years ago and it didn't make any difference.

I've always struggled to get appointments.  It's less about the doctor's availability and more about the policy at the time.  It used to be that non-urgent appointments were in 2 weeks time & urgent appointments were seen the same day.  Then it changed to you couldn't make an appointment for any more than 3 days later.  At one point you were assessed  by a same day team nurse & if you needed a gp that would be arranged.  It looks like it has changed again.  Also, I think most of the GP's work part time or shift patterns to accommodate later opening.  This is why they're not there every day.  If they actually told us what the policy is then people would know what to expect.  I think I might try this online appointment system, though, as it will probably be more transparent and easier than spending a whole morning on the phone trying to get through.

Unfortunatly a lot of the appointments are taken up by people who could go to a pharmacy.  I was also suprised to see posters at the surgery about how many patients book an appointment and don't turn up.  This may well be because they've had to wait so long and the reason for the appointment is no longer an issue, but for every missed/uncancelled appointment there's someone who has been left waiting.
Debs S
really stupid having to wait 10 days for an appointment ive never known a doctors like it and for the receptionist there are only an odd couple that are professional .
they maybe spending loads of the place but respect dont cost a thing !
Jenny S
quite agree about the "respect" issue.  I complained once to the manager of practise, plenty of excuses and plans to do better but as far as I can see nothing changed. They prob are very busy but that's no reason, if you can't stand the heat etc.............
from the13 may introducing a new system Telephone us , on the day you want to be seen and you will speak directly to your doctor there is a . New Patient information leaflet out got one to day . if it do what it say in the Leaflet it might be better .

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