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What group would men be interested in joining?

Hello you men out there,

Castle Hill Community Centre would love to know what groups men would like to join.

We are very interested in settling some groups for you men. Could it be a Card club or Book club or a History group, cookery group or something else. Please let us know!!!

Your opinion is very important for us!


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James M
I'd like a history club, especially if there was field trips out to see places.
Castle Hill Community Centre
Thank you James M for your input, we keep this suggestion in mind, I think this is a great idea.
What about starting a darts night perhaps we could get up a team and then start playing friendly home and away games, that way we might attract more people to the community centre, only a thought, mind you they would have to bring thier own drinks. it would help if one could obtain a drinks licence.
I like your idea Watchful, I know that would be interested. How about a group where it allows men to have a get together and talk about various subjects over a cuppa
Castle Hill Community Centre
Very interesting and do you think we should run this group during the day or in the evening? Please advice guys.
Stephen Connelly
The Ipswich Society exists to educate members about the history of the town. Membership is just £6 per year and they put on quite a few visits and events. Details at

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