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The Northern Distributor Road

What are your feelings on this controversial Road? 


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Iain T
Having lived in Aylsham for a number of years I think it's a great idea. It will be a huge boon for everyone living in North Norfolk and can only help the economy.
Jeremy B
I think it will be a disaster for Norwich.

Environmentally - It is not just a road but a means to open up the countryside to the north and east of Norwich to massive development, meaning a hige loss of countryside on the north and east side of Norwich, more noise and other pollution.

Socially - Loss of countryside and access to the countryside to the north of the city for pedestrians and cyclists will lead to a reduced quality of life for residents.

Economic damage - We have already seen jobs disappearing from the centre of Norwich and going to places like Broadland Business Park. The result is empty office buildings in the city centre and loss of business to city centre shops, more car journeys and inconvenient journeys to work for people using public transport. The NDR will bring more of this sort of badly thought out development.

Waste of money - Norfolk County Council is pouring great amounts of money into promoting an NDR, while cutting front line services.

Whereas the Southern Bypass actually moves traffic around Norwich, an NDR will have so many junctions and be in the middle of housing developments, so it will not help to ease congestion in Norwich, but actually make it worse.
Jane W
I agree with all of Jeremy B's points. I would like to add the following points:

- The NDR is largely unwanted. An EDP poll showed that 63% of readers are opposed to the road. Even supporters of the previous version are opposed to the current proposal.
- It is costly and will take away funds from other projects such as building schools or funding park and ride and cycle routes.
- It will not solve traffic problems as it is well known that new roads attract more cars. Also it is not a full bypass so is unlikely to ease congestion even in the short term
- It will cause destruction, noise and light pollution and blight to huge swathes of beautiful Norfolk countryside and ruin the environment for hundred's of inhabitants close to the route.
- It will cut off inhabitants of Norwich from quiet routes into the coutryside and vice versa.
- It is not a prerequisite for development and the provision of houses and jobs. Proposed developments by companies such as Beyond Green are not reliant on the NDR. In fact Beyond Green are very keen to promote sustainable transport options and to protect the environment and are prepared to invest in infrastructure to promote cycling. Building the NDR would go against their philosophy for development.
 - Norfolk County Council are transferring £2.5m from revenue budgets to a slush/reserve fund for the Northern Distributor Route when vulnerable people are suffering from the County Council cuts.  There's no end of things that this money could have been spent on if kept in revenue budget - more apprenticeships, more preventative care, etc. This money is not even needed for NDR road building for at least five years. 
- On Monday Norfolk County Council cabinet are going approve changes to the NDR design which may include removing the proposed agricultural access bridge at Low road and and replacing it with a bridge at Middle road for all traffic. This will turn Middle Road into a rat run which will impact badly on pedestrians, cyclists and local residents.

As Jeremy says it would be disaster for Norwich and North Norfolk.
I can only agree with then two above comments, a full bypass did have some merit, but this has nothing. Personally I don't believe the statements made by Beyond Green and NCC, I think their plans are very reliant on the NDR going ahead, although they would like us to believe otherwise. What they tell us prior to getting planning permission and what actually happens afterwards are very often completely different things. You only have to look at Queens Hill as an example of this.
Jane W
A very good point John N. I don't know how the council can be considering any more new developments after the situation with Queens Hill and as you say what's promised in terms of cycle facilities, community centres and other amenities doesn't necessarily materialise.
I fail to see the comparison between the NDR and Queens Hills,seems to me everyone has missed the point.  To date there has been much development around the outskirts of the City with Thorpe Marriott, Horsford, Dussindale etc but with no improvement to the highway infrastructure.  This is the chance to address this and draw the traffic away from the residential areas currently clogged with traffic.

Don't fall for the spoiling the countryside argument, the NDR will help prevent 'rat-running' through inappropriate roads both in the developed areas and the surrounding countryside.

The Norwich approach is always no to anything that changes things for the better hence we haven't completed the inner or outer ring roads or properly taken chances to make serious improvements, just played around with minor improvements like Riverside.
Patricia M
One thing that sets the alarm bells is that they are going to build on farmland, gradually eroding our ability to feed ourselves in this country, for this reason & many of the above great comments, I totally oppose the NDR.
Yes it's wonderful to have a roof over your head but what good is that if we starve!
We should be self suffient, because we may not always be able to rely on help from outside of our country, other people will have their own problems, some countries have had to change their stable diet foods to grow a subsitute because of the changing weather patterns..
Jane W
The completion of the inner ring road was abandoned after a fiercely fought battle by Norwich residents who wanted to preserve Norwich as a fine city and prevent the kind of destruction and ugliness that had been caused by the inner ring road so far. The Magdalene street flyover is a prime example of this. Prioritising  the free flow of traffic over the environment we live in is never ending and unsustainable. We have to start rethinking this policy before we have destroyed everything. Bigger and faster roads is not the answer.

Besides all indications are that the NDR will increase rat running.There is already signiificant and dangerous rat running through the Ringland hills between the Fakenham Rd and the A47 and this is set to increase significantly if the NDR goes ahead.
Perhaps you've not realised that the running through Ringland is because there is no better alternative,  this is the reason to build a road you want people to use that's in the right place and of the right standard.

You all make it sound fine to build houses on fields but not roads, where is the logic in that? 

Get on with the NDR and don't stop until it reaches the A47 at Easton.
Jane W
There are no plans to continue the NDR to the A47 at Easton. This is one of the reasons why rat running through Ringland would increase. 

And no I don't think it's fine to build houses on fields. Building them on brownfield sites in areas where there is already road and community infrastructure is in my opinion the better solution.
Brian M
I believe it depends where you live, the ones against seem to live near the south or villages to the east of Norwich where they have good links to the Southern bypass whilst those for are those in Catton, Sprowston, Hellesdon etc who take half an hour to get to the A11.
Heather Enid W
Brian, I think it will still take half an hour to get to the A11, since the N25 is not planned to go anywhere near it.

Even if it did continue to Easton, a planned route using it from my home in Sewell to the A11 would be a pretty long one by road, though actually walkable in little more than half an hour.
Brian M
No I know, but it will be quicker to go to Thorpe and then on the Southern bypass, that's the point I was making, the absurdity of that being quicker shows how much it's needed, it's no coincidence that the northern part of the ring road eases after the Dereham Road roundabout, it's because there are outlets to get the traffic away from the city!
I drive all day around Norwich for work,  if it never happens I'll continue to use the current NDR and rat run through villages where there used to be a grass verge such as Ringland and Taverham.
Do you really think in your wildest dreams that a dead end road with 10,000 extra houses and something like 20,000 +  more cars will actually improve things? Come on now.
Brian M
Have you noticed that it's the same few repetitively on the same mantra against this, mostly people near the A47 or the City Centre, both governments have pledged this house building and infrastructure, I work with planners and it's happening in all of Norfolk. I live near the airport and can't use the Southern BP, I will live in the middle of all this. BRING IT ON!!
I really think you need to do some homework; I too live near the airport and can see absolutely no benefits is building this road.
It's inevitable that by the time the NDR is built as far as the Airport (probably 10 years or so) that the need to continue it to Easton will be so evident that it will just continue to full completion. 

Thank goodness the Romans managed to build roads without all the whinging and whining!

We need  the NDR now not waiting for when the next large scale development starts.
Lynda E
When I used to own a car I drove numerous times from and into the city from the Aylsham/Cromer part of the A140.    There were tailbacks of traffic waiting to cross the lights at the Boundary junction.    Our current Outer and Inner Ring Road were obviously meant to ease traffic problems.    They just made them worse.  Part of the proposed NDR is to build a flyover to go over the Plumstead Road.    I hardly think those who live in the large houses there, and are likely to pay high Council Tax, would be happy with such a blight in their select area!

The large amount of houses and a ridiculous road will wreck the economy of this county.  We are proud of our Norfolk Broads which bring in a large amount of money each year.  Farming is also strong in this county - this will plummet if this stupid road is built.

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