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I've just read in tonight's Ipswich Star that Morrisons would like to build a supermarket on the old Civic Centre site, but only if Tesco's is NOT built in Grafton Way.

Personally I would much rather have Morrisons rather than yet another Tesco, but what do other people think ?


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James M
Well, Morrissons make their own meat products and source from Assured British Farms.  No horse, no brainer :)
Hayley J
Yes Jackie I also read that and thought what a good idea I'd rather have a Morrisons even though I hardly go to town. I was also under assumption that Tesco had already got permission to build at Grafton way? But never mind I'm for Morrisons
Chloe w inactive
Whilst I agree that morrisons would be better than tescos with regard to their "British" beef from what I've found out its actually slaughtered in Europe and the reason they can call it British is because of a loophole that states if an animal had been in the uk for a certain amount of time it can be sent anywhere to be slaughtered and still be called British. So in theory it's possible they are sending cattle out but not necessarily getting beef back as most of the problems are from overseas slaughter houses
James M
Still, horse has ACTUALLY been found in the others, I'm sure Morrisons would have been named and shamed if theirs had been found to contain horse.
Kathie J
I would rather see a Morrisons too. We don't really need another Tesco!
James M
Would be nice to have a closer Morrisons than the one over at Solar.  I visited the new one out at Hadleigh the other day (in the old Buyright building) and it was very nice.
Personally I would like to see the town encourage artisan producers and independent retailers who would give the town centre a USP. Reduce rents to attract these independents rather than being dominated by the corporate chains with huge economies of scale.

It could be only a specific area of the town centre that is assigned for these businesses but let's do something different and give people a reason to visit our town centre.

A homogeneous high street is what is killing our town centres especially when I can easily purchase their products online.
S F inactive
Morrisons please!  Far too many Tescos already.  My husband uses the one in Felixstowe all the time as he works there, but we certainly could do with another in Ipswich.  On the horse front - I expect we wouldn't eat anything at all if we knew what/where all the food is sourced from in our supermarkets.  The horse scandal is just the thin edge of the wedge.  What about chicken nuggets etc., disgusting when you look at how a chicken nugget is processed.  All processed food is pap!  So either you accept it or you cook everything from scratch and check out where the ingredients come from which is what everybody did before supermarkets came along.  If everybody stopped buying processed pap, these people would go out of business.  Remember - you are what you eat!
Chloe w inactive
No horse in sainsburys yet either and I'm sure morrisons would hold their hands up if they did its just with sending abroad to be slaughtered they are leaving themselves open to unscrupulous abattoirs even though they are doing everything correct and above the law themselves
Def Morrisons.  Far too many Tesco.  Go round any corner and there's a ?Tesco.  I hope the one on Grafton Way never takes off.  Obviously some problems there.  May they be big ones!!
Jo G
Morrisons for me too, I'd like to see one somewhere over the east/northeast side of Ipswich, that would at least give people a better choice. I'm sure more people would go there than Tesco.
James M
We travel to the one over at Solar from the east end, so a nearer one would be great.
Jay O inactive
Way to many Tesco outlets, lets go for a bit of fair trade and have more Morrison Shops.

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