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Plane crash in Ipswich

Hi, who remember the plane crash in Moore road Ipswich, I was in  Coleridge road at the time and about 5 years old, some things I remember, like a rain of flames dropping out of the sky, a big ball of flames and smoke above, high  in the sky and me running to my home holding onto my friend,Graham Barker's hand. As we got to the corner of Blake Road and Coleridge Road I remembered my brother was in the garden of his friends in Blake Road so I turned around and we both ran to him.
My mother had since told me she was calling me to come to her but I did not hear her which was lucky for us both because a large piece of the engine fell in the path we were running.I have a few more memories and would like to hear other people memories of that day


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yes I remember the wife and I were standing in our front garden in spenser rd when we heard this terrible screaming sound of an engine in turmiol, we saw the plane coming down (it was a meteor) we saw it hit the ground as it went out of sight beyond the roof tops, I got on my bike and went round there to see if i could be of help, I remember seeing what I thought was the body of a child, thank goodness it turned out to be a dead dog, but still one of gods creatures. I also remember the pail of smoke and a very large smoke ring I/we were young then and I had two tiny sons at that time one is now 64 and the other 13months younger so that will tell you how long ago that it happened
Reg S
I remembers jerry crashing in Sandy lane it's near Gypswyke park near chantry park that's about 1944some say it was a bomber but us kids say it was fighter. Any one else got any idea
I remember the plane crash in Moore Road. My friend and I were playing on her front porch at the bottom of Stratford Road, suddenly the plane appeared, it dipped right down and was very low, then lifted a little, but looked no higher than the roof tops. It seemed as though the pilot was trying to was trying to follow the course of the road, maybe trying to avoid houses. I can remember the smoke from the plane, the explosion that came up above the rooftops as it finally crashed, and the flames and pall of smoke, but I don't recall any of the noise, it just seemed to happen in slow motion. There was a house demolished I seem to remember, and I think there was someone in it. The pilot was killed. I was only about five at the time, but I'm sure this memory is accurate.
Hi Reg S I dont know if it was the same aircraft but I do remember that one was put on display on the chantry park for the public to see, it was a dorner 109 also known as the flying pencil which was a fighter bomber, so all you guys could have been correct I wonder how many more can remember this, I do hope this have been of some help to you, your comments would be welcomed.
Eric R
I lived in Moore road at the time of the plane crash and remember it well.The plane did not crash to the ground it blew up in the air over Moore road,this is why there was wreckage spread over a wide area.the main fuselage came down on one house in the road,which was occupied by the lady of the house at the time but thankfully she came to no harm.The R.A.F. patrolled the road for about a week while the wreckage was cleared and my sister became engaged to one of the airmen who was on duty at thr time.The wife of the pilot came to my home to thank my Mother and our neighbour because they had made a collection for the dead airman.I would like to add that my brother and I were very lucky on that day because we were playing in the street at the time of the crash
Jackie C
The crash was before I was born .The pilot was my Aunt's husband and I get the impression he sacrificed his life to avoid the houses. He left a baby daughter who is my cousin Geri. She is in her 60's now and lives in the USA as her mother eventually remarried and went to live in America.
S here
Crashed into housing estate following simulated attack on USAF B-29 during which canopy was lost, spiralled into ground. Fortunately only two persons injured on ground. 26th October 1953 The Pilot I think named Hill was killed and also a dog died
My Brother was collecting firewood for Guy-forks, they were building a bonfire where the flats are now on Stratford Rd the plane went over low as the heat Knocked him out of a tree as I said earlier I was playing  in Coleridge Road about 50 yards from the crash my three wheeler bike was burned from the burning metal falling to the ground
S here
Yes it was said The pilot could have crash landed on the area I mentioned earlier in Stratford rd as it was a field then but there were loads of children playing and gathering wood for  a big bonfire and he was heading for the fields where Henley Rise is now and nearly made it so he was a hero. Now I remember that day like it was a few days ago but I cannot remember what I done a few days ago
I cant help thinking of how sad and how different some peoples memorys of this plane crash was. but it is nice to know this plane crash is not foregotten and some people can still remember it, it is like a tribute to those who fly today, but this is what young men still do for queen and country and for us.
if my spelling is not correct Iam sorry.

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