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Plane crash in Ipswich

S here in Akenham
Hi, who remember the plane crash in Moore road Ipswich, I was in  Coleridge road at the time and about 5 years old, some things I remember, like a rain of flames dropping out of the sky, a big ball of flames and smoke above, high  in the sky and me running to my home holding onto my friend,Graham Barker's hand. As we got to the corner of Blake Road and Coleridge Road I remembered my brother was in the garden of his friends in Blake Road so I turned around and we both ran to him.
My mother had since told me she was calling me to come to her but I did not hear her which was lucky for us both because a large piece of the engine fell in the path we were running.I have a few more memories and would like to hear other people memories of that day

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