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Poundshops and Betting Shops

I have noticed recently how many betting and pound shops there are around, one to many for my liking,

I thought that we are supposed to be in a recession.

I know people do like the pound shops i am not complaining about that as some of them i go to, but what is annoying is the amount of betting shops.

Bring back some of the old decent shops


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Peter C
Hi Pat L,
Its not only the betting shops and pound shops as nearly half of the shops seem to be fast food outlets.

I agree that we need more of a variety in the type of shops that we have around us and think that there should be a regulating body that would control this.
Dee S
I think both are here to stay Pat L , but have you also noticed the sudden surge of pawn shops too ?sign of the times I suppose.
Cherry K
My concern is the recent proliferation of fast food outlets and opportunities for gambling. As well as the betting shops the temptations to gamble are everywhere, from the newsagent and supermarket scratch card tobingo and poker on mobile phones!
Ian L
I spoke to a London Borough Of Redbridge employee a while back and I was staggered when I was told that they have no control over the amount of fast food take aways..I said so if they want to open a whole lot in a row there is nothing that you can do and the guy agreed with me!
Dee S
I used to be married to a gambler when young and life was a nightmare at times with two young kids and no money.What concerns me are these new machines in betting shops that let you gamble up to 2 grand a go ! there should be some limit on the amount.Also all these bingo sites on tv,so many, one woman lost her house how stupid can you get ? I think the govt encourages this because of the revenue rake off.
Louise C
I gamble by playing online poker. The point about problematic gambling is that however wealthy an individual is if they are gambling beyod their bankroll they have problems. I have never tried the machines  because they sound boring but husband and I go to the dogs and we are not destitute, have no bills, debts or credit cards.
Fast food take aways smell dreadful. As for pound shops I never go near them or any of those nasty chain stores.
Modern Britain has a lot to answer for - I guess the 50 pence shop will be next.
Janet C
Councils do have the ability to refuse permission for different types of shops.  Both Newham where I live and Waltham Forest, where I work do so.  Both betting shops and food shops need licences.
Dee S
hi Janet I was told  once by a local councillor that they have no powers to stop a new shop opening if the previous owner had the same business i.e.once a chicken shop always a chicken shop, but if the new owner wants to change the nature of the business i.e.chicken shop to betting office then they can say no but have to have a good reason.
Having said that I am sure the odd backhander works wonders, or is it my imagination ?
Janet C
Oh the stories that abound about the running of Newham lol 

This is what they have done in LBWF
Fred B
Go from Canning town up to Greengate just about every other shop is a fast food outlet No wonder there is a lot of rubbish on our streets
Dee S
re rubbish from the fast food shops dropped by morons who have just dined on a "cholestrol special" I think fast food shops should  have to pay more to have the street cleaned,it doesnt worry them in the least about all the litter they are looking for a fast buck.
Toni F
i think there should be less greasy fast food places and more sandwich/pasta places, there used to be a lovely one in barking opposite where superdrug is now, but they closed and it got replaced with a....wait for it.......a betting shop.
Fred B
ooh dunno abaat that them paying more to av  streets cleaned oooo heck pasta? fresh food?? Wot u trying to do get them urban foxes to leave town through lack of choice.Then I ask you and wot will them poorer families do for food then.? put up the rates to pay for street cleaning they will be forced to buy real food of which they may not know wot to do wiv it n starve ooo heck
Pam D
Well I'm sure it would do people good to keep their kids and themselves out of the fast food outlets; especially after watching a programme that was on tv recently about the health and hygiene that we never see.

If you're on benefits, how on earth do you afford to keep eating take-aways?
Fred B
HA HA HA Pam.Go and stand in Canning town when the new Rokeby turn out and see wots for tea.

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