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Park At My House

Smitch in Bloodman's Corner
Just thought I'd give this service a mention, in case some of you may not have heard of it. is a well-used service that enables you to avoid pricey airport, sea port or any other kind of expensive parking by utilising empty spaces on people's own property. It's a professionally run service, people are vetted and monitored and reviews given on them. 
I have used the service twice when I have been going on holiday, and found it so much cheaper to park this way than pay the inflated charges at airports. I'm going to Heathrow again this year and will be using and paying only £25 for a whole week's secure parking. Many of the hosts will also give you a free lift to and from the airport! You can't get better value than that.
I didn't know about this service till someone told me, so I thought I'd pass it on to you guys.

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