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NW2 Network Q&A and presentations - 3 March at 11 am at Crown Moran

NorthWestTWO RA in Brondesbury

The recently launched presentations and Q&A by local service providers at the monthly NW2 Network Meetings is proving a huge success.

At the NW2 Networking meeting last Tuesday 3 February, David Tomas-Merrills showed us how to put together a great CV and gave us practical advice on how to prepare for a job interview. We all came away feeling we got a better idea of what to do, plus we had two sheets of interview questions and an example of a good CV (never go beyond two pages…) for future reference. 

Sadly, Julia Hines of Age UK did not arrive, but we happily spent all the time with David's inspiring and informative presentation. 

If you missed out, do contact David with your CV or question. He is happy to give FREE 15 minute advice by email. Just mention you are a NW2 Network member. If you want more advice thereafter he will charge you an affordable rate, depending on your circumstances. Send to:

He also provides psychometric testing - for further details see his website

*  NW2 Network Meeting
 - Sunday 3 March at 11 am

Can you do with some help? - don't miss the NW2 Network Meeting on Sunday 3 March 2013 at 11am - at the Crown Moran Hotel foyer on the mezzanine level, near the grand piano. 

Join us and bring your friends! We will have two presentations followed by Q&A sessions:

Josephine Somers of 'Super Sitters' will talk about her new business providing support to local families who are in need of good childcare with flexibility.

Margarita Karenko of 'Modern Photo Studio' will show us some of her photographs and talk about her work. 

She does portraits, weddings, christenings, parties, etc. and also restoration of old photos.

Margarita took the fantastic photographs of the Olive Road Street Party as well as some wonderful photographs of Cricklewood and John's prize winning garden in Wotton Road which are featured on our website and facebook.

NW2 Network aims to connect people who offer services locally, to support each other and help create a more sustainable community in the area. 

Whether you are looking for, or are a local service provider, check our our NW2 Network page on our website:

If you are interested in promoting your business and would like to give a presentation and Q&A, contact Josefine:

The meetings are FREE and everyone is welcome.

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