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The Thoroughfare, Halesworth

James H in Barnaby Green
Doing a little Christmas shopping in The Thoroughfare, Halesworth, on Friday - particularly attracted by the pedestranised nature of the street. 
Well - I thought that this shopping street was pedestrianised - but I (and everyone else) was constantly having to get out of the way of cars - which were driving through every few seconds.  Others were parked all over the place, making it difficult to get into many of the shops - and more were parked half on the pavement, and half straddling the double yellow lines, opposite the Library, pretty well blocking access into the shopping area at all.
I cannot think that this is safe - particularly for older poeple or families with young children. 
I looked at the signs at The Thoroughfare entrance, and they are clear - no road traffic of any kind is allowed "except for access":  I don't think "access" is supposed to mean "those who can't be bothered to walk a few steps".
There seems little point in having a pedestrianised shopping area at all, if the rules are constantly flouted, and no effort is made to enforce them.

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