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New Morrisons on Aylsham Road?

How do you all feel about  a new Morrison's on Aylsham Road? I think it's great. I know local shops are saying it won't help them. But places like Tesco on Alsham Road  cannot moan, they have enough shops and i bet never cared about local shops.


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Julie B
I went to view the plans and they looked ok.  To be fair its no where near the other shops apart from the bakery. Look what has happened in other areas of the city where there has been campaigns to stop the supermarket, when the supermarket won an appeal it has actually given the local shops more trade because people coming to the supermarket can see the other commodities they want to be there.

This will also produce more jobs and apparently for local people. what a bonus for milecross.
I'm with Norwich in Bloom
Exactly whereabouts on Aylsham Road is this new Morrisons going to be? I can't see where there's any room for it.
Richard G
In the current economic state, any opportunity for additonal employment in the area should be welcomed.
Julie B
Darren its located opposite St Catherines Church at the moment there is a car dealership there.
I'm with Norwich in Bloom
Richard G, creating jobs is pure fallacy for every job gained, there will be one lost elsewhere; People don'y buy more merchandise just because a new supermarket opens you know.
Julie B
Why do you think that John.  The location of the application is set in a place where there arent that many shops to buy fresh fruit and veg. There is a bakery and a chip shop nearby and of course lidls.
I'm with Norwich in Bloom
Carol S
It is more in the food line i was thinking  of John N.  We all need to eat, and shopping around is a good way to find bargains. It's good  competition for places like Tesco and other supermarkets, if it keeps more money in our purses and of course wallets for the men !
It's a well known fact that new supermarkets don't actually create jobs over time; for every job created one will be lost elsewhere, surely you've noticed the small retailers getting less and less over the years, then on top of that others will lose trade, including other supermarkets and they will stop recruiting or cut the hours of some employees. As I have said before the market is only so big and people only have so much money to spend, they won't actually be buying or spending more, they will just be spending their money at a different place to the detriment of both the retailers and employees of the places they formerly used, it's that simple.
Keith R
Glad to see someone other than Tesco coming to Aylsham road Tesco far to greedy
Carol S
Keith R you are so right, to much greed. Tesco's are a prime example. Can't wait to see Morrison's on Aylsham Road. Tesco's like many other bussiness think of profit before their customers. This is what i meant about competition. Tesco's along with other shops  might give us a price war in our favour. Did i hear someone say in our dreams?
Patrick F
They is a Tesco  on Aylsham road
Ann L
asda is connected to the American Walmart which pays scandlous wages.  However I think there is a place for supermarkets.  If you are able to buy in bulk from a good selection of food then you will eat better, more cheaply and more healthily instead of just nipping to the corner shop for a packet of crisps and a bottle of fanta

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