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Another out of town store

A new M&S Foodstore set to open on the site of Glasswells on the Martlesham Heath site.


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S F inactive
I will probably visit this place just the once, but then again, I don't think I'll bother.  Thought I'd give John Lewis and Waitrose a look on Nacton Road, I wasn't impressed.  Frankly, I think they'll be finished in less than 5 years time, everything overpriced in my opinion, couldn't help thinking of the 'I saw you coming' shop in Harry and Paul's tv show.  Just about everything in John Lewis can be bought for a fraction of the price at The Range in Ipswich, and when we asked Waitrose Deli counter if they did sausage rolls, she looked at us as if we'd asked for a bowl of gruel!  So we took our custom elsewhere!  I'm not poor but it annoys me when they think they can exploit people in todays economic climate.  You don't necessarily get the best if you pay more for something, its a snob thing isn't it.
Natalie S
I am a fan of John Lewis but have to say I went to the Range last night after work and was amazed by the service. the staff could not be more helpful and pleasant.
I would definitely shop there again - and am very glad i took my custom there rather than shopping online.
Toby P.
That reminds me S F. Went into John Lewis just before Christmas and a small box of sugared almonds took my eye.I looked at the price and promptly put them back on the shelf. - £10.00.
Lou P
I went there yesterday for the first time and have to say I was impressed.  The store was nicely laid out and I found the displays inspiring - even if I might buy similar items elsewhere at a cheaper price!  The cafe upstairs was very nice, excellent service and reasonably priced.  Plus nice wide spaces in the carpark!  Much spacier than Sainsburys down the road.  I might not shop there every week but would certainly pop in now and then.
Toby P.
At their wet fish counter,plaice fillets are £13.99 per kilo. Tesco £9.00 and very tasty.
Dianne H
Plaice fillets on the market are £3.98 per pound, beautiful fresh fish.
I love John Lewis and Waitrose. I shop their for food once a month, and visit Liddl and Aldi in between. Also shop for fish on the market and meat at the butchers, also great vegetables and fruit at the market which is less than half the price compared to supermarkets.
Toby P.
Quite some contrast Dianne H - Waitrose and Aldi/Liddl. I see the plaice fillets from the Market are comparable with Tescos.
John M
Good morning all.  Whilst I don't sell fish, you will all be made very welcome at The House In Town in St. Peters Street.  St. Peters Street has my shop as well as the famous Maud's Attic, Merchant House Interiors, Love One, Mariannas, Rovian Sports & Purity to name but a few.    As independent businesses, we try to offer a unique shopping experience, and our street fairs attract thousands of visitors.

We are very passionate about our town, and I look at all your comments with much interest.  There are some very good points made every day!
I love your shops.  The street looks really good now.  Hopefully the same can be done for Fore Street.
Dozey M
Shopping is all about "Horses for Courses", I think John Lewis is great, OK prices are  higher than some cheaper shops. But quality and customer service are top notch. Try getting that at some other shops. 

One thing re the recent "Horse Meat" issue. If we all shopped at a local Butchers we would see what we were buying.

Minced meat, whether it be meat or fowl. You can never be sure what your eating, You have to TRUST the labels !.,...   I always read labels. Hope you do too, because there is so much junk in our food it's frightening  and we have know idea what long term damage we are doing to our children.

Plus with "Use by Dates" we are wasting far to much food. Two days ago I went to the Co-op, to buy a piece of cheese, and they were taking a huge half of cheese out, when i asked for a piece I was told it was "out of date". What nonsense. Ask your Granny what she did 30 years ago... They never threw out food. 

My advice.  But from a Butcher  mince your own. Learn to cook with good quality ingredients It's easier, cheaper, and you know what your eating!.  DONT BUY pre-packed food, UNLESS you totally  trust the producer, and ignore "Use by Dates" on many products.
Sentinel R inactive
It should be in the town centre- something like that would revive the fortunes of Tower Ramparts no end. Once agin the council rolling over for a big retailler to demand exactly what they want and get it!
Dianne H
John Lewis is in the Borough. They had no intention to come into the Town Centre, nobody wants Tower Ramparts it seems. Good place for TK Max. You can catch a bus for a £1 or if a pensioner nothing with a bus pass.Anyway it is there now, so no use carping about it.
Grainne W
Or is it the money they give the council to get there own way?

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