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jumbo spuds

Jumbo bakeing spuds, bought two from Adsa, baked them as one should do got the butter and grated cheese ready, got them out of the oven, sliced them open, and what did I find, completly rotten inside,  For along time now I am finding fruit and veg. a bit suspect fron this sup. market, in future I am off to     Morrisons, Any one out there think the same as me??


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Oh no, hope you complained! We find Aldi's fruit and veg to be awful since it's become much more popular to shop at, suppose it's the demand?  Still, like you say Morrisons fruit and veg seem much better and of course local farmers markets :)
Hayley J
I have used the grrengrocers in meredith road and that's ok. I  also find Aldi fine not had any bad fruit or veg from there. I steer clear from all major supermarkets as don't rate any of their stuff.
Elaine D
To be fair Morrisons are not a lot better, find a local greengrocer and stick to them!
While it is a fact that supermarkets and greengrocers can't cut open their spuds beforehand in order to see if they are rotten... it should be remembered that due to our wet Summer Farmers are warning of poor Potato crops..possibly resulting in some becomimg rotten easily....
it is difficult, I have just thrown most of a pack of chestnuts away (bought in a local supermarket last week) as they were nearly all maggoty and rotten. Like above, the supermarkets cannot open them and see if they are all ok, so I suppose it is the risk we take.
I'm with Out of the blue
Elaine D
Yes all true, but it can't be ignored that the fruit and veg in supermarkets is not always of the best quality. I am sure that all the packaging in plastic bags and the use of cold storage does not help the keeping quality. We can't all shop everyday.
Lynn M
I agree that Meredith Road greengrocers is really good -  very reasonable prices and good quality fruit and veg.  Also I have not had any bad fruit or veg in Aldis - their satsumas and tomatoes are the best I have tasted.  Asda fruit and veg is awful, Morrisons is good but very expensive.
Bill T inactive
alot of the spuds are last years crop anyway that have been stored by farmers and then sold to the supermarkets, not that i,m blaming the farmers but thats how things are done i,m afraid
Kerry O
There are good farm shops about and you will get better quality.  Supermarkets are just after buying things as cheap as possible so you get what you pay for.  look on the outside of the potato for any holes and avoid those as the potato will have been attacked by some parasite/insect.
Kathie J
Asda four pack of baking spuds, usually two of the four are duff! It's difficult to see what you are getting if the packing is covered in print.

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