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Suggestions please :-)

Suzy B in Bowd
Can anybody suggest anything local to do that involves next to no money? (We also don't have a car)

I'm struggling to come up with ideas for me and my partner to do that will get us out and about rather than stuck inside wasting away the day.

I am 6 months pregnant so walks in the countryside are lovely until I get quite bad round ligament pain and have to sit down for ages until the aches pass. 

We do the Balfour pub quiz on Sunday evenings, but I would really like to find something else in the day time. We walk the dog twice a day, and take trips into town, where we normally end up browsing shops but not buying.

Surely there are more things to do locally that I just don't know about! Once summer is here, I will enjoy folk week, and my little boy will be born in May, so I will have lots of mum & baby things to do, but right now, I really want some enjoyable things for just the two of us.

Any suggestions appreciated, many thanks :)

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