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Suggestions please :-)

Can anybody suggest anything local to do that involves next to no money? (We also don't have a car)

I'm struggling to come up with ideas for me and my partner to do that will get us out and about rather than stuck inside wasting away the day.

I am 6 months pregnant so walks in the countryside are lovely until I get quite bad round ligament pain and have to sit down for ages until the aches pass. 

We do the Balfour pub quiz on Sunday evenings, but I would really like to find something else in the day time. We walk the dog twice a day, and take trips into town, where we normally end up browsing shops but not buying.

Surely there are more things to do locally that I just don't know about! Once summer is here, I will enjoy folk week, and my little boy will be born in May, so I will have lots of mum & baby things to do, but right now, I really want some enjoyable things for just the two of us.

Any suggestions appreciated, many thanks :)


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Pining Lass
Sea swimming? Joining Sidvale Association and helping cut back trees and brambles and clear out ditches?


Sorry Suzy I can't think of anything off hand which would keep a pregnant lady busy but safe in the cold weather.

On the other hand my elderly neighbour goes to knitting and table tennis clubs and heaven knows what else so there are probably lots of things about that I just don't know of.
Angela P
Charity shops are always looking for helpers
Join the WI! You could be out a few times a week with activities and please don't let anyone put you off with the 'jam n Jerusalem' or agrism myth, you will gain friends for life - of all ages - and gain a lot of fun and wisdom, learn new skills.

See the weekly notice sheet the council provide for weekly activities, there is a coffee morning somewhere most days!

Have you started a family tree, good time to start when pregnant, lots of fun and resources and help available at the library. No cost other than access to computer at home or if none use library.

Collect driftwood, nice pieces and start a cottage industry, painting witty signs, making driftwood decorations, can do cheaply using match pot paints and stencils and support a local or children's charity with sale of stuff

Help out at cubs or brownies

Also depending on whether you have any Welsh or Scottish ancestry there is a monthly coffee morning/meeting in sidmouth

Start a course of study online learning both of you at the library so you will have company but learn something new towards a qualification or means for additional income from home

Roam Sidmouth with a purpose, diarise every walk, really notice the Seasons, the area, write about all for your baby book.

Apply to work in the Mustard Seed coffee shop one session a week or fortnight, you will learn new skills which could help with a part time income in the future, meet and chat with new people.

Make a list of the things that really interest you, hobbies and find out where you can try or offer your time focfor an opportunity to have a go

Make a wish list of all the things you would like to do and challenge yourself to finding a way to achieve one a month

Start a blog re above

Go online and see if their are other couples locally who wu,d like to join you for a walk or natter re impending baby I pact :-)

Go along to the mother and baby club before baby is born and say hi to the organiser and found out what is happening

I have done most so I know they work!!
Re WI sorry I meant ageism
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

Last year Mr Seagull and I went to an event at Manstone Lane Football Club.

We were with a number of friends, but the people there were younger and welcomed us, it was lovely to see so many people who work in the town.

Sidmouth Town Football Club

Manstone Avenue
EX10 9TF


I agree, ditto Bowls Club and Croquet club, look out for 'open' days or trial sessions or give them a ring
Tell It As It Is inactive
Does your partner not work either ? Which would mean it is most of the day that you need to fill ............... and that would depend on the weather I'd imagine. I don't know if the Sidmouth Lifeboat still needs volunteers to man the shop ......... pop in and ask. Otherwise you could contact Cllr Hughes and ask to borrow the traffic speed gun and then patrol the prom for speeding mobility scooters.
Suzy B
Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions.

I particularly like the idea of collecting driftwood and making it into signs/decor . Would help with the Sidmouth beach clean up too! Plus I'm decorating baby's nursery in a seaside/sailboat theme so it would fit perfectly. I love arts and crafts.

I'm also quite intrigued by the WI. My mum and grandmother are members and they love it. Have to say, I loved watching Calendar Girls (apologies if that gives the WI a bad impression) but for me it looked very fun, so I think I may actually go along one evening and see what I think :-)

Keep the suggestions coming!
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Suzy B

About Manstone Football is more a meeting place.  I don't think you need to support/know anything about Sidmouth - but they tend to be a younger bunch!

There was a job helping out (Voluntary) at CAB in Sidmouth on Monday mornings in Sidmouth.
Enjoy taking it easy, as once you have your baby you'll wonder where your free time went! Also if you commit to anything now you may find it difficult to carry on when you have the baby to care for. Just my thoughts on this anyway
There may be some people in a residential/nursing home or Sidmouth hospital who would welcome a weekly visitor to pop in and chat.

Twyford House may welcome some voluntary help too.

The library has a wealth of info what's on each week/month
There are afternoon Whist drives, Scrabble sessions etc
Jan J
There is the Thursday morning cinama .called  Silver Sceen but its not just for older residents its for everyone.some good films on .Doors open 10.30am £3.50 and you get a cuppa and biscuit,films advertised outside Cinama.
The library has information on whats on in Sidmouth.

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