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Good to see that that the 6 performances of Aladdin at the Regal have all sold out.


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Alan P
My four grandchildren really enjoyed it !
David V
Glad to hear that your grandchildren enjoyed Aladdin - I was in it, playing the Emperor of China, and it was great fun! We start meetings for our spring musical, The Pajama Game, on 3rd January and if anyone is interested in becoming involved with SODS (Stowmarket Operatic & Dramatic Society) you'll be very welcome.
Seaspirit C
aladdin was brilliant as always looking forward to the pyjama game
David V
I'm glad that you enjoyed Aladdin, we certainly had fun performing it. We had the first meeting last night for The Pajama Game, running through the music. There are some great numbers. We have two more meetings, next Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th, before the auditions on Sunday13 January. If you're interested in becoming involved in ANY way, not necessarily on stage, contact the production manager, Anne Hayward, on 01449 770798. You'd be made very welcome!

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