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dog walking?

Any1 in the costessey area have any dogs theyd like to walk with me and my 9 month old rottie? shes a lovley dog and as usual people see her and put their dogs on a lead and walk the other way because shes a rottie which drives me nuts! so poor roxy doesnt get to play with other dogs as much as she should..thanks


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Jo D

I have a rottie cross whose 6... she'd love to come play with roxy. 

We live on Queens hills where are you? jo
Chantelle R
sorry just got this.. im in costessey near long water lane :) ooh thatl be great if we could sort somthing out :)
Chantelle R
here my baby Roxy :) lol
Mike S
I have an airedale we got as a rescue dog with issues... If I saw you with Roxie and changed course... it wouldn't be because of Roxy.... Jack has his doggie pals now, but still has issues with other dogs... I wouldn't want Roxie to get upset at Jack's reaction.
Chantelle R
i understand if the dogs are nervous or can be abit edgy with other dogs but not when i see the poeple walk with their dog off the lead then see me with roxy of the lead and they puts theirs on a lead lol
Mike S
That is a shame.... most rotties I have known have been quite friendly and fun loving.
My dog, Jack, I only walk off lead (with his pals) if we are walking far out on field walks and I can leash him if I see a dog in the distance... Mind you on odd occasions where we have met another dog unexpectedly while off leash, he has mostly behaved himself.

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