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Data Recovery

Can anyone recommend a company that carries out data recovery from a damaged / faulty external hard drive.
Done the usual google searches but after checking a few out , all are not what they claim to be.
So a personal referal may be the way to go.

More than happy to pay but not prepared to be held to ransom, which seems the norm with a lot of companies on google.

Data has no value apart from saving me a lot of work if I can get it recovered.

Thanks in advance

Ps,, please don't advise me to put it in freezer for 24 hours.


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Raymond L
I recommend a guy opposite Ilford High Road Baptist Church and the Catholic Church in the IHigh Road near to Green Lane.He is near to the 86 bus stop & a couple of barber shops. I have used him many times for sorting out my problems.
Raymond L
I have found the e-mail address.......Nabil <>
David M
Have you tried connecting the drive to another computer to examine the contents?
There are two levels of this - software solutions on a drive that spins and is recognised by a computer, and physical disassembly of one that doesn't. Which does yours look like it needs? The second way is probably too expensive for your situation.
Mark J
There is a very helpful chap in Silverdale Parade, Newbury Park. Computer Clinic 020 8597 9764.
Mak . inactive
Find out the exact make and model and version  of the HD and try the manufacturer's website. A few of them offer FREE data recovery utility software.
Good luck
Heulwen Evans
Advance Compute Centre, 59 George Lane, South Woodford, nr Switch bar

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