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Quiz questions

Hi People,
I need some help with these quiz questions:-
if <<240 O P in the P = 240 old pennies in the pound>>
What do these translate to?
Weights measurements and maths
97 P at D P S =
80 F: H of A S C T =

Literature & music
P P M: the B F 1 =
H M: B U T B =
H P and the P S =
24 of A, 078, the E of M V =

I'll be ever so grateful if you can crack these puzzles!


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Colin B
97 = 8s1p
80f= 3s4p
Gail J
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Brigitte G
Colin, I don't understand your answer.....
Gail, Thanks, I thought it was a book, but I just couldn't work it out!
Colin B
97p in pounds, shillings & pence, with 12 pence in the shilling = 8 shillings & 1 pence. The 80f I would think are farthings which in fact would equal 1 shilling & 8 pence. ( not 3s.4p)
Brigitte G
Colin, Thanks for clearing up your answer. I think that perhaps it is too deep for simpletons like me.
Other questions were 144 is a G = gross, 7 P in a NT + Players in a Netball Team etc Not such  complicated calculations.
Thanks for helping out though, ~  if you have any other ideas.....!
Gail J
Hilary Mantel - Bring Up The Bodies
Brigitte G
Thank you, yes, my neighbour came up with that one to!

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