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Wanted: Japanese Language Teacher

The Japanese teacher my partner has been using will be migrating back to Japan soon and it was difficult enough finding one teacher (found through GY College where most classes sadly get cancelled due to lack of students) so I thought I would ask here...

Are there any other Japanese language teachers in our local area?
Are they likely to be happy to help someone do their Japanese GCSE speaking exam?

A good response can lead to a take up of regular private lessons (with possibly a keen additional beginner student too!).

Thanks in advance! :)


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i know personally this is difficult, with gY college, that has happend to me as well, i wanted to do a course but poor amount of intrest, however i must say that it is not compleatly hopeless, i know a person who can speak russhen (appoyigies for the spelling)
so i would advise, looking on a bigger scale, try the organisations that offer the student fourin transfure services or something like that, i know there are many organisations like this in great yarmouth, but cannot think or find any of there websites or names, maybe someone could help find the organisations, i know there is one at the cross roads between yarmouth way and kingstreet near the st gourges therater
Thanks for the reply S S. :)

I do know the place you mean on King Street, though I think that may be French only.... I'm happy to give it another look next time I'm over that way though to check. I'll also have a hunt around for other places like it... and foreign transfer - that didn't occur to me! That would be great!

I hope you can find a teacher too! Good luck!
There's quite a strong japanese community in Norwich.. it might be worth your while asking in the Shiki restaurant in Tombland if they know of anyone :o)
Good grief, that is a good point! :D Why didn't I think of that? We're friendly with them too! Thanks Tim. :)

We used to attend the Ichigo Norwich Japan Society but since the disaster in 2011, the club has dwindled but there are members that run the restaurant so that's a great idea.

Silly me! XD Baka desu ne.
Emi D
Hello. I might be able to help you and have sent a private message this afternoon; if you haven't received it yet, please let me know and I'll send it again.

Thank you.
Thanks for contacting me Emi. I have replied to your PM. :)
Looks like our classes problem is going to be resolved!
Such a quick response -- This site is great! :D

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