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Cheap auction site

Fed up with paying ebay such high insertion and sale fees i recently sold some things on Poundseller.As it suggests that is all it cost me £1.Not hugely busy but well worth a look and some support !!


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Lisa S
hey thats great. thanks Laurence. i am always buying, selling on ebay and the costs build up. this is a great sight, but word needs to get about. As you said not much advertised on there at the moment, but it could pick up. hopefully people will spread the word.
Pamela L
Thanks for the info Laurence P.  Will have a look.
Mr S
Maybe OK for a buyer but as a seller who lists over 300 items a month it is an extremely costly eBay alternative.

Another alternative is eBid. I have lifetime membership there (I joined on day 1 of the site) and pay no fees unless I use gallery pictures. Worth a look.
John H
I have found Preloved a very easy site to use it costs nothing to sell but £5 to register to buy its nationwide but does automatically filter to a local county
I have just sold a chest of draws with no effort.

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