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Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced hair salon in the area please? A particular stylist would be even better!


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I go to Debbie at the Green Room, Ber Street (next to the car park entrance).  I think a Cut & Blowdry is about £25.  A friend of mine goes to Carla who is also very good.
Karen T
JMA HAIR AND BEAUTY ...Lovelace road , norwich Bluebell rd......Ive used these for 8yrs or so ..JO the owner do my hair and rate her the best ...she has another shop in Mulbarton so split herself between the 2 ...she's there on a sat when i go ...good prices ..sunbeds , nails ..etc..nice friendly place ...I started useing her when she was on Dereham road 8yrs ago and stayed ever since...shes not scissor happy and dont have to tell her what i want done ...i go every 6wks for highlights cut , so speak's for it self ..have tried city centre , but prefere a warm friendly place where i know my colour isnt going to go wrong like its done in the city !...goodluck ...
Jan M
Thanks Karen - that sounds promising and it's very close to where I live. Might see you there one day!
Jo D
FresHair, 33A Avenue Road, Norwich, NR2 3HN, 01603 621854. Really good and friendly and don't have to negotiate city parking either!
Kit T
I have been using Crop Shop on Castle Meadow for the last seven months since we moved to Norwich. You can simpy walk in off the street, without an appt. and have your hair washed, cut and blown dry for a tenner. If you ike that particular person a lot , you can ring up and make an appt for about seven pounds more with them in particular. Otherise, you can simply show up and try a new person again. I have been pleased with both my hair cuts and wil continue to go uness I find a loca hairdresser which is walking distance from my house.
Karen T
Thats ok jan ....nice to able to help ..ive had bad hairdressers in my time and when you find a good one ..i say hang on to it last good one lasted 15yrs , and hope the same here ..good luck ..

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