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Traffic Orders/Parking in Sidmouth...can someone explain the advert in the Herald to me please?

At the bottom of page 56 in this weeks Herald is an "advert" all about changes in traffic orders and parking in various roads in Sidmouth - but it doesn't give much detail.
Being curious, I tried to look at the web site on - but couldn't find out much.

Is there anyone who knows anymore about the rules/changes or can find the detail on the web site and can explain them to me?



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surprised the herald have not picked up on this
It is proposed to shorten the Pedestrian Zone on Old Fore Street at the New Street end by 26 metres.
And, I think, to introduce pay and display parking on Millford Road, with permits available to residents. But it isn't entirely clear!

5.1 Except as provided in article 5.2 it is a contravention for a person to cause or permit any
vehicle to proceed in the length of road specified in Table 5
5.2 Nothing in article 5.1 applies if the vehicle is travelling southbound and is
(a) an emergency service vehicle;
(b) a vehicle displaying a Council permit that is
(i) being used for the purposes of servicing or loading/unloading goods to
premises in or adjacent to Old Fore Street; or
(ii) being used for access to the private access road situated on the south side of
No. 1 High Street
(iii) being used for a specified period in connection with any of the following
operations in or adjacent to that length of road, if it cannot conveniently be
used for such purpose in any other road
(A) building, industrial or demolition operations;
(B) the removal of any obstruction to traffic;
(C) in connection with statutory undertakers plant or equipment; or
(D) the maintenance, improvement or reconstruction of that length of
(c) a pedestrian-controlled vehicle, or an electrically operated invalid chair;
(d) a hearse attending premises adjacent to that length of road
Table 5
Length of road in Sidmouth
Old Fore Street from its junction with High Street to a point 26 metres north of its junction with New Street
Henry H inactive
ah - so you can see why I was confused. what about OldFore street? its already pedestrianised isn't it?
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Parking Restrictions seems odd.  I was at Budleigh last week, all along the esplanade were"Pay and Display" machines - they were well used - unlike Seaton.

Sidmouth, the whole stretch along the front no restrictions and"no pay and display".  Millford Road the proposal to have them is going to burden the adjoining roads.  Glen Road, this too has no pay and display and during the holiday months you see Motorhomes parked there all the time all day and overnight.

You can purchase an East Devon Car Parking Permit which works out quite reasonable.  I feel they ought to advertise these permits more because they are good.
As far as I know, though old fore street is pedestrianised, cars are allowed to park there day and night along by thr Natinal trust shop, so maybe this anomaly is due to cease ?
Barnacle Bill
I think the term for the current situation in Old Fore Street is 'semi pedestrianised'.

Basically vehicles can travel down Old Fore Street, in a southerly direction only to access the shops or properties along Old Fore Street. They are not allowed down there to simply avoid congestion, that they might see, in Fore Street - but some drivers do infact use it as a 'rat run' if they see lorries or whatever causing blockages in Fore Street.

Presently, vehicles can only turn rght into Old Fore Street, from New Street, if they want access to the Anchor car park. 

I cannot see any benefit of curtailing the current arrangement at the bottom end of Old Fore Street by 26 metres. Any suggestions?

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