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Big Shed Moving Male \bonding Event

Hi all lovely, lovely neighbors. I need to have my shed moved. I believe that 6 or eight strong men may be able to lift it and move it from one end of the garden to the other.
i live in Halesworth, maybe we could do this on saturday morning.
Do I have any lovely volunteers?


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David C
how long is your garden though???
Zoe W
Not very long, will need to rotate and move about 20 feet
Zoe W
Huge thank you to the five lovely neighbors who helped me to move the shed. that is what community spirit is all about, no wonder song writer Bridget Cousins refere to Halesworth as "The Best Small Town on Earth
Nat Bocking
Great news. Perhaps you have the nucleus of a 'Good Neighbour' Scheme such as Wenhaston and Walpole has.

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