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Streetlife Email News/ new site

Did anyone else get an email from about a new website connected to this I think? 
I deleted the email accidently , before reading properly. I know you can retrieve deleted emails back again but whenever it does that it always brings back loads from the last 3 days, which is good when you lost one a while ago but the amount of junk it would bring back is unbearable :P considering I get about 40 spam emails a day. So I thought I would ask here if anyone else got the email? All I remember was it was about a new site launching or something similar and I remember seeing the Streetlife logo so positive it's affiliated. Thanks.


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Colin S
Are you sure it wasnt about trying to get a TV station for London - supported by Streetlife??  It just said they were interested and asked you to take part in a survey.  Or is it older than today?
Oh? Maybe that was it! I have absolutely no idea what it was about really..I assumed it was a website but then again there's no reason why it had to be...sounds interesting then, a T.V. station. I'm sure it came through today as I'd sorted my mail from yesterday but then again sometimes emails come different times for some people so maybe others got it earlier, but from what you say this is probably what it was! Thanks, I was curious about what I had deleted!
Pat P
Yes i had the same email about the tv station today, not had any others, apart from one to say one of my posts had been removed, as it was against Streetlife rules!! ooophs...learnt my lesson.. honest mistake....
Christine M
I had the E Mail about a new TV station for London [possibly] it had a survey for you to answer about what you think of the area
I would be interestedto know what others think
Barry ⚒
Copy below of Streetlife tweet regarding same.

@streetlife_uk: Calling #London locals! Please share your views in our short online survey for a chance to win a £100 spree:
Thankyou everyone! Good detective work :) You all were right, not sure why I thought it was a new website launching...but anyhow it was indeed a new T.V. station, as I just received an email from I presume one of the owners of this website, who saw my post and kindly resent the email for me, thankyou for that and thanks for trying to work it out for me, now I can put my brain back to sleep for a few hours lol.

Oh dear? That's odd.. You weren't trying to sell a person were you Pat? From what I hear only Ebay allows that lol.

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