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Christmas shopping


I'm trying to get a picture of where people have been - or still are - doing their Christmas shopping this year.

Have people been buying locally in Barking and Dagenham or out of the borough in places like Lakeside etc.?

Also, has anyone made Christmas purchases from the Barking or Dagenham markets? Or do people prefer to shop in malls and shopping centres like Vicarage Field or The Mall?

Market traders in Barking say they are selling less this Christmas time compared with last year.

Merry Christmas!


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Anne D
I have done my Christmas shopping in Westfield in Stratford, Covent Garden & Bluewater. I don't shop in Barking because apart from the pound shop & 99p stores - which are good for normal shopping - there are no stores like M&S etc. The consumer is forced to go outside the borough to find a variety of stores. I never find anything to buy in the market throughout the year no matter how much I look!
Daisy D
I have shopped in Dorothy Perkins, Boots and brought several things from the Market but most of my shopping is Southend High Street as they have festive markets and street entertainment which adds to the enjoyment of the season
Lesley S
i do not like big centres such as lakeside and bluewater. i prefer romford shops (not market stalls) and shop online too. barking is terrible now and nothing left to go there for. i used to go sundays to barking to pick up items i had reserved for collection from argos, but now they charge you to park on sundays too i will not go there.
Derry S
I would never shop in Barking.There is absolutely no choice.Barking Town Centre just depresses me,so I certainly keep away from there around Christmas Time.I go to Southend,London for prezzies,also the Christmas atmosphere is far more superior there.
Sandra T
i have mostly been to Romford , EE, Debenhams, HMV,  ( Two  of these stores  have never been at barking )   I find at barking market , all the gear are copies !! how could you give them as pressies ?  i used Game online twice.  and got clothes online too.  

Barking needs to get rid of the market and their pound shops, "uncles" , etc and start again , starting with getting M&S back ...  

i fully agree with Pam , nothing draws me to barking town centre .
I have shopped online and...oh only online. Not at all intentional though. Online has the biggest range of products at the best prices (well usually) especially with Ebay but I miss the feel of walking through a physical job, I intended to buy some products instore but just because of the way I was getting paid this year, majority of my money was in Paypal, so much easier to use it online then wait a year for it to be transfered to a bank and draw it out, especially with Christmas so near. Hopefully though I can get some products in the new year sales in stores.
Derry S
Oh I meant to say that I have also shopped online. I find this method really good,but also love to go around shops near Christmas time,even just for the atmosphere,but deffo not (Barking Town Centre) I only go there when I have to, through the year,but Christmas I refuse too. I never have bought anything from the Market either. There is a clothes stall right near the hamburger stall,Ewwww the clothes must stink of cooking smells. I would like also to see the market go and get some decent shops in the town.

Next year,bit late now but consider going to Leigh-On-sea for shopping,the atmosphere is great,plus you can nip down to old Leigh for a meal,at a reasonable price.I feel as if I have gone back in time there,just where I want to be at christmas time. Oh I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year : )
Dawn S
All my shoppings been done online this year, amazon, eBay and Asda. I can thoroughly recommend Asda online for speedy delivery (within 24 hours free delivery)
Chic Dreams
Im a bit bias but even before I started my business I tried to buy locally from local people. Sometimes you get the most unique buys at brilliant prices.
Unfortunatley the big stores have taken over and us little shops dont get enough recognition even from the local councils as its hard and expensive to promote yourself even in your own borough.

I am happy to say that I have had brilliant feedback this Christmas so it isnt that people wouldnt like to stay local its just that they dont know what there is on offer in the area.
I'm with Chic Dreams
Christine M
depends what you mean by 'Christmas shopping' I assume you mean presents but I only bought one and that was done from a shopping channel on tv.
groceries I cut down on my usual shop as I am going away.
Sheila J
on line, Lakeside, catalogue, E-bay (new goods),all of which have saved a fortune.
Maria W

I find all the comments about shopping in Barking really sad. Unfortunately, though, they are all true. The 'powers-that-be' have allowed all the shops to be taken over by fast food outlets and "pound" shops. If you want to buy any decent clothing, including shoes, you only have Dorothy Perkins/Evans and Burton. Everywhere else seems to sell cheap, poorly made, mass-produced clothing, 'plastic' shoes and general 'tack'. I have seen groups of women (non-English speaking), jostling the elderly as they shop, which must be extremely intimidating. My mother-in-law once turned to find one such woman with her hand in her trolley & just about managed to stop her grabbing her purse. She had her purse stolen twice whilst shopping in the town centre.

Walking through the market you will find so many stalls selling the same clothes & goods; nothing to entice the general shopper. The last time I was in Barking & walked through the market it was dead with stallholders twiddling their thumbs.  I do feel sorry for them as they are all trying to make a decent living. I don't know what the answer as I think Barking has gone too far down the "tat" route to have any chance of bringing some decent shops back to the town. Thank goodness for the aboved mentioned Burton, etc., and also Boots. Other than those, if you're looking for decent shops, unfortunately, you won't find them in Barking.  :(

Barking is far removed from the place I grew up.We had Broadway market. Blakes market  I just remember stalls in the old square Broadway near the Tower..Then when the old electric closed they put a market in it.
There is now nothing of the old Barking left the Curfew tower and St Margarets the Eastbury House thats all thats left its all now nasty Sixties tower blocks and blocks of east european flats nothing to go there for.My father wishes he had left many years ago.
Its a slum waiting to fall into disrepair.Romford will follow suit in Five to ten years.
Ask your councillors what the ten year plan for Romford is and wait till they laugh there is no plan they just have piece meal private development and are not bothered about the future only what they can get out of the builders now.
Maria W
I fear you are right, Robert. High crime rate, high drugs abuse, high benefits claimants, high unemployment, high single mothers, high home repossessions and high rise flats. Doesn't have much going for it anymore, and to think it was once an historic town, mentioned in the Domesday Book!!!  :(
Pam D
Trouble is, with all this building, concreting over front gardens and covering our green land, we'll be in the news for flooding pretty soon.

Has anyone noticed how badly our roads get flooded lately; never used to be anywhere near as bad as it is now.  Too many people using the same old drains; far too many people in the borough and too many homes being built.
Susan S
There r no good shops in barking.i would not buy Xmas presents in the market.u cannot blame people for not shopping there.people don't call it barking they call in scum land .people spitting everywhere puts u off.its gone well done the pan

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