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Parking Fines at DW Fitness

Has anyone had problems with DW Fitness? My brother's girlfriend has recently received a threatening letter from a 'parking agency' working on behalf of DW Fitness because she has dared to pick him up from the gym.

Apparently this has been a common occurrence from the new system in place which has even seen neighbouring car parks not under this 'parking agencies' jurisdiction receiving these fines also.

Frankly this loop hole in the law needs amending in my opinion.


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Matthew G
What loophole?  these so called fines are unenforcible posturing.

simply ignore them, and all subsequent correspondence.  nothing will ever happen.

Take a look at for more information.
Ben C
Cheers Matt that's more or less the information I've already been given and passed on. For me agencies like this shouldn't exist to start with in my opinion.
Says Free Parking Spaces on their website, but probably for members only.
Ben C
Oh indeed, my brother was a member but his girlfriend wasn't and she picks him up, apparently you're allowed 0 minutes to wait to pick people up there.
Elaine D
Clamping was outlawed from private property this year, which WAS the only legal action owners of these car parks could take. The fines are not worth the paper they are written on and should be ignored. I was in the parking trade for many years and I know what I am talking about! Sleep well!
Sheila J
Which month was clamping out-lawed on private property? I ask because a colleague was clamped at the Infobar on Fore Street in August this year, and had to pay a large fine to get it removed. As far as I know, this penalty is still in force and I'm sure the property is privately owned.
Elaine D
1/10/2012 it became illegal to clamp on private property in England, you will still see signs up as they act as a deterrent (you can't just park where you like), but it is signs only!
Sheila J
Thanks Elaine, this stuff is so useful to know :)

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