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Dentist - recommendations please?

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist please?


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I use orwell dental practice on Nacton rd, not had any problems with them .. and they always seem freindly ...
Spotty Dog
Oddly, I and my friends have had bad experiences at that Nacton Road surgery and would never go again. (double booked appointments and incorrect treatment) 
I go to Foxhall Dental Surgery and have found them excellent.
S F inactive
Went to Nacton Road for years but my regular dentist left and after that, I didn't like them so now use Rolfe on Berners Street, have been very good for me!  They take NHS patients.
Jenny A
we have been to Mr Matthews at Berner St dental practice for years. He's a bit eccentric but has a very healthy attitude to intervention.
Peter C
I've used Capel for the last two years and have been very happy with their service.
(01473 311 130  Ashley Pettit)
Gina R
Thank you very much for all your answers.  I've heard that some dentists have long NHS waiting lists so great to have several suggestions.
Heather H
You can get in touch with the NHS Direct or the Community Health Council. They both will tell you were the NHS Dentist's are. Phone numbers are in the Phone Directry.
Sarah M
Tabrizi at 69 berners street is good. Him and his wife run the practise and are very welcoming. My husband is very nervous but he doesn't mind going there
I'm with Smiles of Cakes

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