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my new years thoughts

The more I click on to streetlife the more I realise how much better it is than Facebook, I find that some of the remarks on facebook are frivolous and some of the people are quiet the exhibitionist, where by on streetlife people tend to be helpful and informitive, I am also aware that streetlife is more about one's area, however I have not clicked on facebook for some time now, and will do so less in the future so long as streetlife is around. I would sooner hear about local history, and greenhouse querys etc, than some one telling me they had coffee in starbucks, or they have to get up for work in the morning It would be interesting to know what other streetlifers think of my remarks.


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Mark H inactive
i agree im not interested in facebook,  . i wouldnt know where to start anyway , but nearly all my friends are on it ,  good luck to them , but not for me
Mark H inactive
and it can be hurtfull , someone put something about my wife on facebok, for fun  once but it was upsetting for her , so ,we will never go on it ,
Mark H
As you say things like that can be upsetting, one of my very pionts, you dont get that on streetlife, only people trying to be helpful to one another.
Jackie E
Have to admit I do like facebook, but a lot of it really is just mindless drivel, I couldnt care less if someone is at Asda, or sitting on their sofa - so what?? Streetlife reminds me of how a neighbourhood community used to be, just good old fashioned friendliness, helpful hints and tips, and no nastiness. If only all of life could be as lovely as street life!!!
Hayley J
I've never used facebook or any social network site, and was in two minds whether to use streetlife. But i have to agree with comments above that streetlife is for the local area. Lets carry on being neighbourly and helpful to one another and as Jackie says maybe we could make our lives as lovely as strretlife is.

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