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Anyone else awake? This has woken me up! A bit paranoid, as a few years ago we had a mini tornado go through our garden, blew a large tree down and our garden wall....cannot get back to sleep! Not what u want on a Sunday morning. Hope everyone is tucked up and safe!!


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Wide awake now, just had a look around the garden (from indoors), only damage I can see is a wooden arch has blown over, hopefully it hasn't damaged a statue it has fallen on. I am not venturing outdoors till the wind has died down abit.
Yvonne R inactive
Hi Joanne,
Sorry you to were Woken up because of the High Winds.
I woke up and looked out of my Bedroom Window to find my Patio Chairs were both Down the garden and a Couple of Empty Pots too,Got Up and  Filled up 3 watering cans to  Put on top of Chairs and on my Bench to keep the Water Proof Cover on

About  6/7 Years ago when I was on Holiday  I got Home to Find that  My Lefthand side Fence had come Down as were my Neighbours either Side,5 Houses in All,it happened in the July though so it could have been when you had the Trouble.

It Cost us All a Lot of Money but the Person I found in Hopton was a Diamond and came to Put up a New Fence  and  also did one of my Neighbours too, and am very Happy that  it is All Secure now.

Hopefully you wont get any Damage,but when the Wind Dies Down go out and see if you can Secure anything that has been Thrown about and make sure that if you still have Large Trees thaat they are Secure too,or maybe even Chop some of the Branches Off. If you can't do it Perhaps a Kind Neighbour would Help You.
take care and try not to Worry to much.
Caroline B
Nice to see there are good, caring and reassuring people out there!  Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight Joanne S.
Sheila C
it was 3.30 when it woke me up, eventually got back 2 sleep about 5.30 as it either changed direction or dropped  a bit.... its quite frightning when its middle of the night n u live alone
Yvonne R inactive
I was up at same time as yourself Sheila,,but had I gone back to bed I wouldn't have Slept,so stayed up.
Read Yesterday's paper,Made a Cup of Tea,went on Computer and Answered some Emails from friends in Arazona ,New Zealand, and to my Cousin in Belgium.
Put some washing on,and as it started to look like a Nice Day  thought it should go out on Line and Hopefully will be Dry soon to Iron it and put it away.
It was then time for some Breakfast,Egg,bacon,Tomatoe and Bread and Butter and a Cup of Tea.  washed up and Peeled some Potatoes for Lunch later,I bought a Purple Cale in Morrisons [the New One at North Quay] peeled carrots and Parsnip and will have them  with a Choicken breast about 5pm. Finished off with Home Made Apple and Sultana Pie with Custard.
It's Nice on your own if you keep busy. I have been on my own since 1966 and Love it.
Hope you have a nice day Sheila.
Roy M
I think your statment. "It's Nice on your own if you keep busy".says it all. Very often people keep busy because their lonely, keeping busy keeps their mind off their loneliness. Eating food brings comfort but its not long before your hungry again and the loneliness returns.  Sheila says  "its quite frightning when its middle of the night n u live alone" We have been happily married for 56yrs and we dread the day should one of us be left on our own. Incidently, have you considered getting a webcam so you can see and talk to your friends around the world and to some on Streetlife.?
Yvonne R inactive
Hi Roy,
I am a 75 yr old lady and have bought up my 2 Children on my Own ,they are now 50 and 48,they both have Children, 2 Boys and a Girl each.
My Grandchildren,2 of them are now Married with Children one a Girl aged 7 and a Boy just 3mths.,My Gt Grandchildren.
I am far from being Lonely,I have Hobby's Drawing with Soft Pastels and Painting with Oils, Love Cooking too.
Can Contact my Friends and Relations On Line.
Go on Coach Hoidays with my Neighbour who is also a Widow at least twice a Year.
As for eating for Comfort? I eat to Live and only 3 times a day.
I was Widowed  in 66,have bought 3 Properties,moved 3 Times.
I consider myself very Lucky.
I have Good Friends and a Lovely family,so How can I be Lonely ?

People have asked me Why I didn't re- Marry?

When the Love of my Life was Killed, I would never have been able to Find Any One so Loving ,That's Why.

Had My  Husband still been here,we would have been Married 55 Years.
It was just a Great Shame that he didn't see his 2 Lovely Children Grow up and the Achievments they have both Got
Roy M
Hi Yvonne R. please don't think I was criticizing you in any way, I'm 80 with 4 children, grand children and great grand children. I understand about "the love of my life" thats why my wife and I feel so fortunate we are still enjoying our life together. I dont think its possible to replace one love with another, I wouldn't even want to try. As long as your happy,thats the main thing
David B
It`s nice to hear from all of you nice, kind and loving people. Does my old heart good

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