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Christmas Market 30th Nov

Hethersett are having their village charity christmas market this Friday. It starts at 6.00pm with loads of stalls, plenty of cakes and drinks  and music from local schools, churches and music groups. Its a great evening out.


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And the next day is the carols and seasonal songs concert at jubilee hall hethersett 7.30-9.30!
Disappointed at ticket sales so far nut perhaps people pay on door! At this rate we'll loose money not make it!
£5 adults £2 children.
Come and support your local youth club helping young people is,a vital part of community but no support no club!
Phone 01953 607566 for tickets or buy on door.
Tara R
Yes, please come! It'll be a good event.
Supporting this cause is important, but it'll be an enjoyable evening anyway!
Mulled wine, mince pies, cheery music to put you in the Christmas mood.
What could be better?!
You can pay on the door, but it would be even nicer to know numbers beforehand...
Please bring friends and buy tickets!
Judith F inactive
Hi Ginette. Where exactly is the event tomorrow evening please? Thanks and kind regards Judith
Ginette D
Its in the middle of the village at the Methodist church, not a lot of parking space, but well worth going to.
Judith F inactive
Great, thanks for that info.
Elizabeth J
Well I am totallly confused!

on the one hand the posts above say Jubilee Hall and then another the methodist church - so which is it -

if you want an audience I need to know where I am going and not wandering around the village in the dark at 7.20

Incidentally, does anyone venture out in the evening for a walk now?   its so dim with the streelights so low now
Carols at jubilee hall tonight. Charity market was last night at Methodist church.
Jubilee hall is almost opposite the village hall. Tickets available on the door. 7.30 start. A lovely way to continue Christmas in the village. Do come and support us!

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