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pet insurance

This government are proposing that all dog owners should have their animals micro-chipped and insured. Personally I think that this a good idea, especially when there have been so many dog attacks nationwide lately. One problem though, the cost to pet owners. 
I have two dogs, both of which are insured, and have been ever since I have had them. However, I have just received my renewal papers for my eldest dog who is 13yrs old, and her insurance has gone up from £37 to nearly £65. When I phoned my insurance company and asked why the massive hike in price, I was told that they have their overheads as well. When I pointed out that I had never made a claim against them over my dog and why did they not operate a no claims system as in car insurance, they said more or less tough luck but we do not do that. 
My point is that if insurance companies are going to raise prices that much, then people will not buy insurance in principle, especially Senior Citizens, some of whom their dog is their only company.
If this Government want everyone to take out pet insurance, then they must take these companies to task and make sure that their rates are fair and reasonable.


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Matthew G
A no claims discount for pet insurance would make no sense.  

No claims discounts for car insurance reflect the fact that an accident-free history suggests a safe driver who is less likely to have an accident in future - the risk is going down, so the premium goes down to match.

Your dog is getting older.  The risk of it getting ill and needing expensive treatment is going up.  The premiums will obviously go up to match.  The same would be true if you had BUPA cover for yourself.
I'd also like to add that if you don't buy insurance for your pet, then you need to put some money aside for vets bills on the off-chance that your pet may need vetinary care at some point.

It may sound harsh, but people need to factor in costs such as these when they consider taking on a pet.
David K
I received my pet insurance renewal as well it went up from £364 for 2011/ 2012 this year they are asking for £888 when I queried it and told them they had mad made a mistake on the age of my dog which I have notified them for the past 7 years they came back and told me it would cost £1200. I explaind how can they justify this they said they would send a letter of complaint as they are only the Broker BDML Portsmouth still waiting forn a copy othe letter considering I have made a claim of £400 but what about the years I have not claimed it all needs to be looked in I have notified Haven Vetinary about it as well.
David G
That is daylight robbery, how on earth can they charge that much!! its no wonder people shun getting there pets insured.
David K
I think the only way this can be stopped is the Vetinary Sevices inform the Insurance companies that people are not willing to pay the extortation increases. I have just been on the Phone again to BDML Portsmouth and now they are telling me my complaint is on the High Priorty list but also said that the insurance company AXA will take 5 to 6 weeks to answer I asked they where is the copy of the letter of complaint I was promised they said it has not been sent yet i have told them to send me a e mail with it on so I have evidence still waiting. Every pet owner needs to petition their vets to take action.
John D
I am not so sure that the Vets will be willing to do anything as they always get their money from them whereas if they have to rely on the pet owner they do not always, because of the high cost of treatment. It has just cost a friend of mine over £4500 for an operation on her dog's back leg. That is without all the drugs that were needed to stop infection and pain.
I have just cancelled my pet insurance because of an exorbitant price rise and looking for somewhere cheaper.
David K
John D
It will all depend how old your dog is and what type of breed. If your pet is over 9 years and has a ongoing condition you will have a hard time to get it insured best to talk to your vet
Jill A
my pet insurance went up 300 hundred pound last year my dog was 12 this was with argos platingham cover i phonend tesco and got it cheaper than original argos price by changing to just £2000 vet cover and public liability  .this was all the cover i really needed for her .unfortunately we lost her this year but tesco paid direct to vet no problem for her vet bill i just had to pay for cremation .with an old dog it pays to reduce what cover you have i cut out advertising loss theft etc ,death payment and bits like that .this made insurance a lot cheaper as well
David K
Jill A
BDML in Portsmouth handle the Tesco insurance I found that out as well when I called them they are the Broker for a lot of Pet insurances they normally use AXA as the Insurance company whoo has increase my renewal way up I asked for justification but still waiting
I have heard stuff about this many times on the news, but i personnaly would like to see how they intend to reinforce this, i think it is somewhat a good idea but i think there is already a desire and knowelge in having mirochipping and insurence so i ask why force people when clearly the insurence companies would take advantage of it

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