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pet insurance

John D in Cobholm Island
This government are proposing that all dog owners should have their animals micro-chipped and insured. Personally I think that this a good idea, especially when there have been so many dog attacks nationwide lately. One problem though, the cost to pet owners. 
I have two dogs, both of which are insured, and have been ever since I have had them. However, I have just received my renewal papers for my eldest dog who is 13yrs old, and her insurance has gone up from £37 to nearly £65. When I phoned my insurance company and asked why the massive hike in price, I was told that they have their overheads as well. When I pointed out that I had never made a claim against them over my dog and why did they not operate a no claims system as in car insurance, they said more or less tough luck but we do not do that. 
My point is that if insurance companies are going to raise prices that much, then people will not buy insurance in principle, especially Senior Citizens, some of whom their dog is their only company.
If this Government want everyone to take out pet insurance, then they must take these companies to task and make sure that their rates are fair and reasonable.

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