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Windows and a conservatory

Who did you use were you please or otherwise? Maybe if otherwise could you send me a private message, so I can avoid them.


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Jackie F
We have just had new windows and doors fitted by Kingswood Windows and Conservatories and we are very pleased with them. The fitters were lovely and worked very hard for the 2 days they were here 0800 028 1072 or visit their website
Lesley C
Avoid Anglia windows you will never get the salesman out of your house, he stayed at ours 3 hours we virtually had to throw him out. Needless to say we did not use them.
We used Coastal and they were good.
Alan G
Harmony Home Installations....Lovely man to deal with. Based at  Ketteringham. First class products..No high pressure sales. Tel..:-01603 811772.....Avoid First like the plague, lika Anglia Windows you can't get them out of your house.
Joany R
Did you have them done recently Leslie? I ask because companies tend to change over the years.
Thanks for your imput Jackie and I will get a quote from them. 
I would prefer to use a local company in preference to a big multi-national as I want to give the local area work.
Joany R
Thanks Alan did you have work done by them?
Sue A
Avoid prostar windows I have seen some of the jobs they have done in the past you get what you pay for say no more ?
Alan G
We  had three windows and a door fitted just before Christmas and we shall be having another thee windows fitted hopefully next week. I shall be phoning this morning to see if a date can be set.  They have done work now for several of my family...Highly Recommended..
Joany R
I will give you a laugh now. A small terraced house near me was having some windows fitted, so I thought I would go and take a look. They were light oak in colour and I said to the fitter, "It is great how they have made UPVC to be so like light oak!" He looks at me with disdain and said, "They are light oak wood madam."
These windows were lovely to look at but you have to oil them twice a year, no it is white UPVC for me.
Joany R
Thanks sue it is important to know who to avoid.
The light oak windows were the work of R. B. D. Windows, a local firm. I will be asking for their quote too. At the end of the day it is not the cheapest I want or the most exclusive, expensive ones, just good windows and doors and a conservatory.
Lesley C
About 4 years ago joany. R b d should be quiet good my ffriend used to work for them and he said they didn't cut corners
Hi Joany

RBD windows are excellent. I have known  them for about 30 years and they are a small family firm. I have had them several times (different properties) and they are very reliable, no hard sell they just come and see what you want, then go away and send you a quote ,usually within a week and once you have booked them they give you a date to do the work and are always there on time. All the guys are friendly and trustworthy and their work is second to none. Maybe not the cheapest but you certainly get what you pay for-good quality and guaranteed.
Can recommend David Tungate he is local  and has done work for us and a conservatory for my daughter which is excellent very reliable and doesn't push. Tel: 077696 474450 he lives in Bradwell . 01493 443843 is home number.
Barry B
I can recommend Dave Tungate he replaced several windows for me, first class job
Wendy A
We had kings wood, I would recommend them
Jan E
It is not just the company supplying that you need to be careful about.  There are lots of different upvc window manufacturers and the quality varies tremdously.   My husband fitted windows, doors and conservatories  for years and swears by Rehau.
Joany R
I will take on board everything everyone has said. So many people now have recommended RBD that I suspect i will use them
Alan G
Rehau I have  reliably been informed are just the company that supplies the extrusions to the window manufacturers. So, no matter who fits your windows there is a more Than a  fair chance that they will be Rehau...
Jan E
Not necessarily.   There are lots of other extrusions on the market and they vary a great deal in strength and quality.  Any one supplying windows etc will be able to tell you what make they use.
Joany R
RBD use German stuff they told me.
Eileen H
I need new facia boards and some new window's at mine but cant afford to buy all at once would i still get good deal from the ones u recomend if i have just one at a time?  i dont want take loan out just save and pay as and when i can afford?
Joany R
It might be a good idea to see what they would cost individually as opposed to a total job and then find out the cost of a loan if you were going to get them all done at once. I am no expert but I bet it is cheaper to do them individually without a loan than have the reduction for all at once with the cost of a loan added on.
Alan G
Rehau... Founded in 1948 , Frankische Lederfabric, REHAU ..(Germany)
Eileen H
Thanks Joany, think u right on this.
Emma S
we had all our windows replaced by prostar windows approx 10 years ago,they left one of the windows with just single glazing,ten years on we are still waiting for them to sort it out despite several phonecalls and seeing the owner on a regular basis,disgusting service like sue A said,you get what you pay for
Joany R
Hi Emma,
well good luck with that, have you tried saying you will contact one of those daytime TV programmes that name and shame?
It is very true that you get what you pay for and the other addage that if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. We all want good work but at the same time  do not want to be ripped off, so finding value for money is the aim and if we cannot afford  good work at an affordable price, well it is better to  wait that bit longer and save up for the best.

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