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Was there success in finding a window cleaner as we desperately need one? I am currently indisposes and will be for some time as I am laid up after slipping down stairs and severing the main tendon in my left leg. So be careful folks, check your footwear as mine had worn smooth hence my accident. This is why I have not written for some time. |Happy Christmas shopping!


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Louise R
What about  Dirty  Windows,  020 8958 7808   or 07956 379 666 ?  Had them last year.  Check  prices first.  Before  Xmas... !  Let me  know.
John P
Thank you Louise R for your prompt response, will let you know if we have success.
John P
Hooray! He's coming on Saturday, 30 quid well spent as fas as we're concerned. 
Deirdre W
there is a chap called Ozzie who goes up and doun Hemingford rd , reasonably price to clean 3 flloor house windows from deirdre
John P
Just had our windows cleaned and they've come up beautifully says my wife, we shall certainly use DIRTY WINDOWS again.

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