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Cromer Christmas Tree and will you be attending the Christmas Lights celebration on Friday Night?

Tree made from Crab Pots!
What do you think?
Personally I love it!  I have attached a photo! Hurrah for Cromer :-)


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Cas C
Yes, a talking point, people will come to see it, another tree saved from being cut down.  Very creative but I hope the advertising slogans could be covered up, don't think they should be in the churchyard.  We might watch the lights switch on on Friday night, if the weather is good!
Denis H
yes I agree with Cas C another tree saved !  I see this as a purely commercial stunt as are most things   today might  well help the local traders but prefer to see a real tree which represents christmas as it should be for the right reasons
Jane H
I think this is so fabulous.  We love it.  What a brilliant idea to represent Cromer's fishing heritage - really creative - hurrah for thinking outside the box hate that expression but it says what I think)!  Nothing wrong with the advertising seeing as they are sponsors of the event.  We will definitely be supporting Cromer at the lights switch on.  I wonder why a real tree represents Christmas any more than any other design - surely Christmas these days is all about promoting community spirit and goodwill  - which this design does -Christmas trees are lovely but nothing to do with christianity.
Ann N
Yes - original, eyecatching and relevant to Cromer.
sorry but I hate it! Especially right outside the church. I understand we are not all Christians and don't all celebrate Xmas but I liked last years tree much better. I don't really understand saving a tree, they are replaceable and grow here and keep people in jobs selling them every year.  Our crabpot tree is taking a massive beating on facebook as well. We look like our town committee are cheapskates
Mrs P
i think this is just a way to cut costs and it shows in the finished product. it looks disgusting. with the money the council take i would have thought there would have at least been a tree with lights and baubles. what a load of crock. i think its looks like crap.
Mary G
I thought it a good thing to do. The money saved is so much needed within our community and the Christmas tree tho really lovely and festive must cost us. So many charities are really struggling and we see day services diminished etc. Maybe its time to rejoice and celebrate our community in a less costly way - we might even make our own Christmas Cards and deliver them! How about decorations made with our children-remember those paper chains!!! We might even ask the old lady next door to help if she is not too busy on her laptop ! Whatever, the thing I enjoy most is sharing the time and smiles with folk and they cost nothing!
Crap I think is better used when describing the debt that quite a few folk find themselves at this time of year. North Norfolk and Cromer are special places and, yes, I enjoy the fact that we have folk who think outside the box and risk being scorned on facebook. We are all entitled to our view but I suspect the Cromer Tree is nearer to the message of Christmas especially in our present recession.
Barry M
The tree is super showing creativity and originality - well done to those who had the courage to do it
Denise B
I hate it. I think it should have been put near the pier and still had a nice tree at the church.
Jann V

This morning, I went shopping in the new Waitrose store - it was fab-u-lous!  A welcome contrast to the Coop store in Cromer. the ambience was exceptional to say the least.

Prior to leaving the car park, there were two large groups of wildbirds in rows of v formations flying in the direction of Nth Walsham talking incessantly which was delightful.
Ann N
Some contributors seem to think the "crabpot" tree is INSTEAD of a real tree - there is a real tree there too - surely now everyone can be pleased!
Marcus H
Did you go to Christmas Light Up Night Tonight?

Did you Enjoy yourselves?
How did the trees look lit?
How were the stalls both outside and in the hall?
Were there enough shops open and did you visit them, is there paricipation an important element of the event?
What did you think of the shops window Christmas window displays and the results of the competition to judge them?
Did the weather effect whether or not you went to the event?
Any additonal comments?

This is all important as without feedback everyone involved can not respond and improve!
Many thanks!
Jane H
Myself and my family went last night and really enjoyed the event.  Cromer looked lovely lit up. 

One point, the actual switch on was advertised as 6.45 so we were in position just before and I'm afraid the children got a bit fed up and cold waiting while the carol singing went on and on!  I know this is part of Christmas but not really sure if it is appropriate for the switch on - one would have been enough - I know that sounds really unchristian which I am not - just a point. 
Also I thought more of the high street shops would be open - lovely to see the independants joining in and opening up though - a great marketing opportunity for them..
The church and the tree festival was lovely - really warm and welcoming as was the parish hall.
A lovely event though and thanks to all who make the effort to do it all for the town.   Still think the crab pot tree is the best thing ever and I hope it becomes an annual tradition.
Denise B
Yes i did go last night and the best part of the event was the tree`s in the church. They were wonderful to see and having tombolas and other stalls in there was perfect. I still think the crab pot  tree would have been better by the pier
Christine H
cold but festive, more shops could have been open and more support from visitors to our town . free parking and only one verse of carols in the cold would have helped. Lights amazing and crab pot tree superb where it is .Well done Cromer. Great efforts in the gangway end of town with refreshments and lively shops looking so interesting. We'll be back!

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