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Dragonfly Gallery

Anyone been in to the Dragonfly Gallery Shop lately?  I went in this morning and, blimey, what a surprise!  It is lovely and so well stocked and to be honest if any guy needs to buy a gift for his girl this is the place to go.

Everything is beautifully displayed and all the goods are made in Norfolk/East Anglia - some by people working at home and some are a business.  

If you haven't bought your advent calendar yet go and have a look at the beautiful felt one, it is lovely and can be used year after year or passed on to your grandchildren for their children.

Worth a visit - with your purse!


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Ellie S
The Dragonfly Gallery is a great place to visit. I'm the creator of the felt advent calender as well as lots of other felt christmas decorations. There is lots of amazing gift ideas also available by other artists.

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