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Redbridge Connexions Service

Stella@RedbridgeConnexions in Cranbrook
Hi all Redbridge residents,

If you aren't familiar with our service, Redbridge Connexions Service is an information, advice and guidance service for vulnerable young people aged 13-19, and up to 25 for those with additional needs.

If you are a young person within the above age range, or have a friend/son/daughter/neighbour etc who is out of education, employment or training, and stuck for what to do, please consider coming into Redbridge Connexions to speak with an adviser.

We are near to Ilford Station, in Broadway Chambers, 1 Cranbrook Road.
Our number is 020 8514 9567.

You can follow us @cnx_redbridge, or visit our facebook page for more info about our support service and opportunities!

Do please spread the word, many Connexions centres around the country have closed, but we are still going strong for Redbridge residents!

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