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IPod phone found

Hi everyone, whilst out walking my dog this morning I found an Ipod phone in the woods behind Norwich prison .( Thursday 10th Jan).
Please message me with details of the phone cover and I will give you contact details.
I can not get into it to find a contact number for the owner as it has a passcode on it - the pitfalls of modern technology :-)
If anyone knows of the owner please pass this message on. I will report it to the local police too.
Thanks and I hope we can find the owner.


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Gillian G
That should read  'IPhone'  shows what a 'technophob' I am !!! Sorry .
Naomi D
Hi , this is a long shot but it may be mine . I had an iphone stolen which was reported to the police mine was a black iphone with a casette tape cover on it and it had my passcode on it . If it is the same one it cannot be used anyway as I had the ime number blocked but would be nice to know if it is the same phone  maybe police can trace the theif through it . If not wish you good luck finding the owner. thanks
Gillian G
Hi Naomi
this one has a cover but it is not a cassette tape type. It has 'no service' on it so I'm assuming it has now been blocked by the owner. I have reported it to the police and am taking it to Bethel Street station tomorrow afternoon. I have been waiting to see if it rang as I'm sure if I lost my phone the first thing I would do would be to ring it - doesn't appear to have any missed calls on it.
I hope they can find the owner as I know how upsetting it can be to lose these things - my daughter lost hers in a nightclub last year and we tried numerous things to find it but unfortunately never did .
Gillian G
This phone is now at Bethel Street Police station
David F
hi ive been to bethel street police station and they claim that no iphone has been handed in do u no who it was handed in2 plz??
Sue K
Hi my daughters was lost/ stolen on christmas eve. Was blocked same day and reported to police and immobilise. Was a white phone with pink cover. Dont suppose its hers but thought i would try on off chance. Did police give you a report number ?

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