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I've had too many dud Indian take-aways from this area recently. Can anybody really recommend anywhere? Chinese as well?


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Alan Billings
Make your own at home, they will be much better and a lot less fat!
I'm with Slimming World
John B inactive
Yes if you talk to the Indian guys at BT they have some great receipes.. A favorite place to buy the rice, spices at exceptional prices is in town... oposite blockbusters.. next to QD store on crown street theres a small newagents (otherside of carriage way).. as takeaways from suppermarkets.. tesco's seem to have more chicken.. Asda's are a bit too much sauce and morrisons.. stay away from morrisons.. they are awful.

will give you some good recipes..frankly none of take-aways have authentic taste...but closest i could get to for south indian food was kealam {not a take away but you can order/collect}, zaika was ok'ish.....

you can get masala's {spices} from the shop besides argos in town
Eric F
Many thanks for the good advice folk - I shall follow it up - but think of all those BT folk preparing delicious authentic dishes at home - please freeze me a portion next time and I'll buy it from you! - seriously!
You are missing Raja Stores on Cavendish Street.  It is a hidden gem of a shop.  Very much like the one on Carr Street you mentioned but it has a large African and Caribbean section along with Asian and South East Asian sections.

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