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A real bakers

Just when I was missing a proper bakery in Dereham up pops Bread Source. They're a market stall of three lads that started up 3 weeks ago in Horsham st Faiths. I shall be down supporting them and buying their bread this morning. :0D


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Angi B
Not exactly local though :(
Sally B
True. But at least a proper baker in the town centre. If only in Fridays.
Next door to him was the cheese man. He had bread from Metfield bakery which has its baker on Rashs green. I don't know where I'd get the bread from during the week.
Maggie O
I normally get all my bread from Rob's van on a Friday.  One of the large loaves cut into quarters freezes very well and is there all fresh when you want it.  Bread choices have improved enormously but this sourdough with a bit of rye from Metfield surpasses them all - especially for toast.  But it's a secret as if too many people know about it, Rob will run out before I get there!
Sally B
Is Rob the cheese man?
Maggie O
Yes, he is.  He also has some very good ham if you haven't tried it.

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