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Does anyone know where i can buy Paraffin in or near Lowestoft?

I have no idea where...

I don't need loads..or 'wholesale'..Just a gallon, as and when i need it..

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated..




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Granddad Patrick
Try Godfreys, B&Q(expensive), Wickes, QD sell bottled gas? most garden centres (glass house heaters). Hope these suggestions  help It's been a while since I've noticed it and now containerised ..oO
Rodger W
Westwood ave; garage on whitton, Graham sells it(opposite shops)
Thanks guys...Much appreciated.
Gill L
Smith Bros in Oulton Broad - they sell almost everything and are so helpful.
I'm with Hemsley Heatcare
Thanks Gill...

Looks like there are a load of places nearby..

I would have never found them so i am well happy now..

Thanks to everyone..

Now, who's got an old, traditional paraffin heater (like i remember from the 60's) for sale???..

: )

Mags H inactive
Hi  DB   not sure if they still sell parrifin  but the little local garage in Carlton Colville used to sell  it
Mags H...

Thankyou...Even more places added to the list... : )

Granddad Patrick
Congratulations DB, more Paraffin locations than you can strike a match at!

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