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Car Boot Norfolk

Considering how many helpful people are on here I thought this would be a good place to ask if anyone knows of any car boots that run in the area this time of year? I have lots of stuff to get rid off!


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Freddie M
There is one on the Park & Ride at Sprowston every Sunday morning, another is at Arminghall every Wednesday and Sunday and of course the big one at Aylsham every Saturday. Between those four hopefully one will suit you.
Sarah Em
There is a Saturday one at the Costessey Park And Ride
Alan M
The Sprowston one is not running at the moment.
Angela H
There is one at the Recreation ground on Laundry Lane (Thorpe St Andrew) - I think it's the first Sunday every month. Also, if you're willing to donate any good second hand stuff, Norwich Vineyard is rraising funds for a community drop in centre which will be opening soon. We're having an attic sale at Dussindale Centre on March 16th - looking for donations of goods as well as customers to come and buy!
Janet K
Most car boots do not start until the weather improves. Get the Evening News on a Friday as they are usually listed in there.
Hi, there
You can go also at.
I'm with Makupholstery
Emma G
Helpless on High school does a good one and that runs all year I believe. It's an indoor one.
Emma G
Hellesdon....sorry, stupid predictive text!
Helen B
Would you consider donating any items Kimberley?I work voluntarily supporting a mum who has fled domestic violence. She has just been rehoused but has absolutely nothing for the home. Please let me know. Thanks.
Maria T
Helen b, what sort of items are you looking for? Could you contact me with a list and I'll see what i can do. Xx

Oh and the hellesdon high school is not all year. There has been a few indoor ones, one was in aid of hallswood animal sanctuary and then the PTA held 2 or 3. Next indoor in in the school isn't till October i think. X
Jonathan E
I run the Thorpe St Andrew Car Boot Sale and I am afraid that we do not start until April. We only have them once a month, with the first this year being on Sunday 7th April. Any questions 07717 362842.

The Car Boot Sales started as a way to generate extra cash for the TSA Events that we put on, last years sales had a few problems with the bad weather, I hope for a better summer this year !!! I am working on ideas to help people shift furniture and other items that they do not want (all reduction in what goes to landfill) and will try and work with local home clearance companies. Having been helping the Vineyard Church, the community hub could be a place people could find out about others with furniture they do not need.
Kimberley C
Thank you so much ti everyone!

Helen I have stuff i can donate, maybe furniture as well so let me know what she needs. X
Angela H
Thanks Jonathan - we certainy could have a community board for exchange of goods. Watch this space!
Karen Reding
If you don't want money for your stuff, I'm trying to collect raffle and tombola prizes for the next Heartsease Funday happening this year, to help raise funds for the next year's one. :D
Helen B
Thanks for all offers of help. She needs a bed, wardrobe, drawers, sofa, childrens bedroom furniture, fridge/freezer, washing machine,small table & chairs,lamps,mirror, picture frames etc.
Helen B
Thanks for all offers of help. She needs a bed, wardrobe, drawers, sofa, childrens bedroom furniture, fridge/freezer, washing machine,small table & chairs,lamps,mirror, picture frames etc.
Kimberley C
I don't have a bed, but I do have a few duvet covers if that's any good? Not actual duvets just the covers. Sorry if not much help!

I have a picture frame she can have which is brand new. It's nothing spectacular, it's done like a film reel if she'd like it.

I've got pictures of most of the things so let me know if you need me to send.

I've got lots of smellies as well if thats any good? I've just finished doing Avon and have lots of stuff and I'd be happy to give her some bits and pieces. I know it's not a lot, but sometimes a pampering can lift your spirits. x
Mary R
Hi Helen contact Dawns New Horizon, Lorraine will help will all advice andd dom violence advice. she runs a charity. just google or you can find her on facebook if you want more details ill send you links etc.
Good luck tc
Janet K
In last nights Evening News.....Restore in Oak St, Norwich, part of Benjamin Foundation. It said furniture free for those in need. there was a number for donations but you could try it 01603 661921. Shop opens 10am. hope this helps.
Helen B
Thanks Kimberley, photo frame sounds good & I'm sure smellies would go down well too. Will check on duvet covers & get back to you.
arminghall car boot starts 3 march (next week)
Oh thanks sue I like arminghall
I will be there 3 march selling furniture (:
I'm with Makupholstery

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