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Safe Style UK

Has anyone else had any trouble with Safe Style UK? The next time they manage to get to my house will be the 5th time they have called to correct the patio door they put in last March. I'm having so much trouble with them, was wondering if anyone else has. No matter what I do or say it's like hitting my head on a brick wall.


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Andy G
I know someone that reported their salesmen for bullying tactics.  They were telling people that if they didnt have their windows changed, then they would face a hefty fine from the council! Something to do with energy efficiency or something!

Needless to say trading standards got told!
Wendy R
My daughter just had all her windows and doors done in Exeter and they are great no problems at all
Wendy B
Good to know someone is happy. When they come out again to me it will be their fifth time. The patio door is leaking everytime we have rain that comes in from the south. They are so unhelpful when you ring to get someone out. The only appointments they will give are all day appointments. In this day and age when people have to work you would think they could give you a window of time. Very rude man on the end of the phone. I would never recommend them to anyone.
Wendy R
Poor you hope u get it sorted very soon
Wendy B
Thanks Wendy, i hope so too. It's been going on since March last year..
Peter D
I would suggest two things: instead of having your time wasted waiting for somebody, give the company your telephone number and arrange for them to call you half an hour before you need to be back at the house.
The other suggestion is to get onto TV Watchdog, because they always seem to get good results.
Wendy B
I work in Exeter and I can not duck out of work when I want to. I have to work my contracted hours so the first suggestion is no go, Safe Style also suggested that. I don't know many firms that will allow you go leave work for an hour or so then go back. Also if I leave the building I will have no where to park when I go back. It would be useful if the company would give me an am or pm appointment but they won't even do that. The second, contact Watchdog, it had crossed our minds and if they do not give me a new door that is where I am going next. Thanks for the suggestions Peter.
Sue B
What about Trading standards
Wendy B
Oh yes, thank you Sue. I had forgotten about them.
Nick M
E-mail their CEO at and very politely tell him about all the problems you have had and ask him if he could arrange for someone to contact you and finally sort out the problem.
I usually find that that does the trick with any large company.
Wendy B
I did send a recorded letter to the CEO before Christmas. Someone then contacted me and was very rude, but they told me the chap I wrote to was no longer with the company. Someone called Ross, Where did you get Steve Birmingham's name from? Perhaps I should try him too. Thank you, any suggestion is very welcome. I'm fed up with mopping the kitchen floor.
Nick M
Hi Wendy - I got it from a wonderful website which I have found very useful more than once!  The advantage is that you KNOW it will get to him or his PA without being intercepted - and even if he has left, it should still get to his replacement.  I hope you have some success soon!
Wendy B
Brilliant thank you so much.

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